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Modern Masters 2017

Booster Boxes

We are currently selling boxes of Modern Masters 2017 for $239.99


We have Modern Masters 2017 singles available. To order, fill out a Card Quote Form.

Singles are available on release day for in-store pickup Friday 3/17!


Dates: Saturday 3/18 (sold out), Tuesday 3/21 & Sunday 3/26
Time: 1pm weekends, 7pm weekdays
Entry: $39.99
Prize: (all prize in Modern Masters 2017)

3-0: 5 packs
2-1: 2 packs (+1 pack for starting 2-0)
1-2, 0-3: 1 pack

Saturday 1/23 - Sunday 1/24

We are doing three events this weekend:

  • Saturday 11am - Sealed SIGN UP!
  • Saturday 5pm - Two-Headed Giant Sealed SIGN UP
  • Sunday ALL DAY - On demand drafts (SIGN UP IN STORE ONLY)


We're kicking off at 11am with a sealed event. Each player receives 4 Oath of the Gatewatch and 2 Battle for Zendikar boosters. With those packs you build a minimum 40 card deck.


Date: Saturday, 1/23
Start: 11am
Format: OGW / BFZ Sealed
Rounds: 4 rounds of Swiss
Entry: $29.99 per player

Prize Support

4-0: 8 packs
3-1: 4 packs
2-2: 2 packs
< 2 match wins: 1 pack

Two-Headed Giant Sealed

Oath of the Gatewatch has Two-Headed Giant Sealed in mind! We're doing a three round team event. Seating will be extremely limited. Make sure to sign up early!


Date: Saturday, 1/23
Start: 5pm
Format: OGW / BFZ Two-Headed Giant Sealed
Rounds: 3 rounds of Swiss
Entry: $29.99 per player

Prize Support (per team)

3-0: 8 packs
2-1: 4 packs
< 2 match wins: 2 packs

Draft Day

Stoked for the new set? Want to crack some packs?! We've got you covered!

We've never done anything like this before, and we're excited to offer it! We'll be able to fire off a ton of drafts, with each event being single elimination - and at a lower price than normal.

Win just one match, and you'll win a prize pack! Win 2 for 2 packs, win the draft get 4 packs.

Your prize packs can also pay with prize packs! Packs earned this day can be used towards events on Draft Day ($3 off per prize pack).


Date: Sunday, 1/24
Start: Noon
Format: OGW / BFZ Draft
Rounds: 3 rounds, Single Elimination
Entry: $12

Prize Support

3-0: 4 packs
2-0-1: 3 packs
2-1: 2 packs
1-1: 1 pack

Turkey day is here and we are celebrating with an awesome deal.

Gifts for your Family and Friends

Pick up gifts for your family and friends (and maybe splurge a bit on yourself)!

  • Buy $50 worth of retail product, get 25% off your next item
  • Buy $100 worth of retail product, get 50% off your next item
  • Buy $150 worth of retail product, get 25% off and 50% off of your next two items
  • Buy $300 worth of retail product, get 25% off, 50% off, 100% off of your next three items.

We know that last one will be tough to hit, but anything is up for grabs with that free tiem. D&D White Box Reprint, Eclipse, or Fortune of Glory for free?... Anything is possible!

Just a heads up that Magic Singles and MTG Booster Packs are not part of this deal. We've got some other sweet Magic: The Gathering specials for this weekend!

Free Gift-Wrapping

Lauren and co. will be headlining our team of holiday gift wrappers! She puts a great touch to any gift.

Fortunately, I (Luis) will be up front answering questions and ringing folks up. You don't want me wrapping your gifts! Occassionally my attempts at wrapping involve copious amounts of tape and not enough paper...

Lauren's wrapping will not disappoint!

Saturday and Sunday Game Demos

Check out the back room! We'll have staff on hand showing you how to play games. It's a perfect opppotunity to see some games unboxed you have been meaning to check out.

Stay tuned for more details!

Happy Thanksgiving! We've got some great in-store specials brewing this holiday weekend (no shipping, sorry!).

Prices are valid while supplies last and for Thanksgiving weekend only, Friday 11/27/15 - Sunday 11/29/15.

Sealed Product

Battle for Zendikar Fat Packs: $39.99 (1 per customer)
All other Fat Packs: $24.99
Commander 2015 Decks: $24.99
Holiday Gift Boxes: $14.99


We've got some crazy deals on singles, Revised Duals are as cheap as $29.99!

Check out the full list of CARDS ON SALE.

Cards from Standard, EDH, Modern and Legacy are on sale!

  • Maze of Ith: $4.99
  • Underground Sea (sold out): $139.99
  • Tundra (sold out): $79.99
  • Thoughtseize: $10.99
  • Tarmogoyf (sold out): $99.99
  • Sword of Feast and Famine: $8.99
  • Dragonlord Ojutai: $12.99
  • Sarkhan Unbroken (sold out): $2.99
  • Defense of the Heart: $4.99

That's just a few of the cards - we have many more!

We Are Not Buying Cards This Weekend

Due to our anticipated amount of retail this weekend, we will not be purchasing Magic cards this holiday weekend.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

We're getting really excited about our new Standard League. It's starts Tuesday!

Questions, Questions that Need Answering

The most frequent question we have been getting is:
What if I can't make every session?

Don't worry! You can have a substitute play for you that week and have it still count toward your league totals. We'd love it if you can make every session, but we understand that your schedule is busy!

Check out our FAQ!

Weekly Mythic Prize

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

We've decided to go big and award Ugin, the Spirit Dragon to anyone who goes undefeated in any week!

If you can run the table and go undefeated throughout the whole ROUND ROBIN portion of the League, we'll award a Promo, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon to you!

Promo Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Team Building

While we expect this League to be very competitive, we are also all working together. The round robin portion of the League will cover 120 matches, and we'll have a ton of data to look at. By virtue of playing in this event, you'll be pooling a lot of collective effort that we can use to aggregate and learn more about this Standard environment.

I will be judging these events and look forward to observing matches. After sessions are done, I will be talking to everyone about lines of play, card choices and matchups you've been facing.

If your goal is to get better at Magic, I sincerely believe that, every person entering this League will have learned something new when it's all said and done!

See you on Tuesday!