Avacyn Restored Prerelease

Avoid the lines, sign up now for the Avacyn Restored Prerelease, April 28th-29th! Check out the latest visual spoilers, there are some pretty awesome cards to be opened.

We’re taking presignups, you can sign up here:


We’re having six total prerelease events throughout the weekend, five sealed flights and one 2HG sealed event. Because of limited seating, you can sign up for one sealed event (except for Two-Headed Giant sealed, you can signup for that and regular sealed).

We want to give as many a chance to play as we can!


Saturday, April 28th
4/28 – Midnight Sealed, $25 (sold out)
4/28 – 10am Sealed, $25 (sold out)
4/28 – 3pm Sealed, $25 (sold out)
4/28 – 8pm Two-Headed Giant Sealed, $35 (sold out)

Sunday, April 29th
4/29 – 11am Sealed, $25 (sold out)
4/29 – 4pm Sealed, $25 (sold out)


We have two Helvaults for the weekend that we’ll be distributing to players in two of our five sealed events. At the start of each sealed event, we’re going to pick a number out of a hat and see if that event is lucky winner to crack open the Helvault! We’ll have a ton of other awesome items to distribute as extra prizes to events that don’t have a Helvault, sweet!

Booster Pack Prize Support

4-0: 13 packs
3-0-1: 10 packs
3-1: 7 packs

Two Headed Giant Sealed
3-0: 16 packs
2-1: 8 packs

See you all soon!

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Posted: April 13th, 2012 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering