Dark Ascension Prerelease Signups

Update: This event is entirely sold out!

Avoid the lines, avoid the cold! We’re taking signups online for our prerelease. You can signup online in advance for our prerelease. Right now, we’re allowing you to signup for one one slot (you can signup for sealed and Two-Headed Giant sealed).

Signup at:

Note that you must PAY to reserve your slot!

Also, while supplies last, you’ll also get one of those sweet foil promo cards just by coming in and playing during the sealed events. Awesome!

Schedule of Events

The Dark Ascension Prerelease starts at Midnight following FNM! We have 6 total events throughout the weekend to get your Dark Ascension fill!

1/28 – Midnight Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/28 – 10am Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/28 – 3pm Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/28 – 8pm Two-Headed Giant Sealed, $30 (sold out)

1/29 – 11am Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/29 – 4pm Sealed, $25 (sold out)

Prize Payout

4-0: 13 packs
3-0-1: 10 packs
3-1: 7 packs

Two-Headed Giant Sealed
4-0: 12 packs
3-0-1: 10 packs
3-1: 8 packs
2-2: 2 packs

Signup at:

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Posted: January 16th, 2012 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering