Events at Our Upcoming Prerelease

We’re really excited about our upcoming Dark Ascension Prerelease. The Innistrad prerelease was a ton of fun, and Dark Ascension is shaping up to be insanely awesome!

(If you haven’t been keeping up with the cards in the new set, you can do so here!)

When: Saturday 1/28 & Sunday 1/29
- Friday Midnight Sealed
- Saturday 10am Sealed
- Saturday 3pm Sealed
- Saturday 8pm Two-Headed Giant Sealed (sold out)
- Sunday 11am Sealed
- Sunday 4pm Sealed
Cost: $25 Sealed, $30 Two-Headed Giant Sealed

At our prerelease, we’re playing 2 formats: Sealed and Two-Headed Giant Sealed. What are these formats?


Sealed is a single player format and is a great way to get new cards! You get six booster packs to build a 40 card deck (including lands). For this prerelease, three booster packs will be Dark Ascension, the other three Innistrad. You get to keep all the cards you open, and if you have a really good record at the end of the day, you might get to win some Dark Ascension prize packs – awesome!

Your sealed deck is usually best when you have 40 cards in it. It’s usually best to have about 15 creatures in your deck and 17 lands. The other slots in your deck should be non-creature spells, maybe some equipment, creature removal spells – or if you’re lucky – the new Sorin!

It’s a good idea to be playing just two colors in your sealed deck. If you play too many colors, there’s a decent chance you might not draw the right combination of lands and colored spells!

Two-Headed Giant Sealed

Two-Headed Giant Sealed is a format where you will have a teammate to build your deck and play with! You get 8 total booster packs, 4 Dark Ascension and 4 Innistrad. You and your teammate will crack open those packs and make two 40 card decks to battle against other teams with!

In a game of Two-Headed Giant, you and your teammate share a starting life total of 30 points, unlike the usual 20. You also get one free mulligan (shuffle up and draw a new hand) before the game starts. You take your turn with a teammate (play a land at the same time, attack with your creatures at the same time, etc). These games last a long time and almost always have something crazy happen in them!

The format is a ton of fun and is a great way to learn about deck building when you can bounce ideas off a teammate!

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Posted: January 16th, 2012 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering