Jaceless July! MTG @ 20SS

We have a ton of Magic events going on at 20SS this month.

Saturday, July 2nd: Standard
Try out your new decks in a world without Jace and Stoneforge! Free spin down D20s to early registrants!
12:30 signup

Saturday, July 9th: M12 Prerelease
Sealed will be the main event. We’ll have 3 side event drafts later in the afternoon/evening.

Seating will be limited!

Main Event: $25
Side Event Drafts: $15

Saturday, July 16th: M12 Release Party!
We’ll fire off Sealed flights as soon as we get 16 people!

Sunday, July 17th: 10 Proxy Legacy

10 Proxies allowed in our unsanctioned Legacy events!

Saturday, July 23: Standard PAUPER!

Pauper with new commons from M12. Yes!!!

Sunday, July 24th: Standard, GP Pittsburgh Trial
Standard format, fresh with new cards from M12!

Win 3 byes to GP Pittsburgh or just win a ton of packs!

12pm signup
1pm start

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Posted: June 29th, 2011 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering