Twenty Sided Store Commander League Starts April 8th

Commander players have been asking for some events, and we’ve finally got a regular one in the schedule!

We are going to have weekly organized Commander events at the store starting Monday, April 8th. The focus of the event is to have fun, casual games! We will be using an Armada Games style scoring system for these games.

How the Nights Will Work

We will have two store sanctioned Commander games throughout the evening, the first starts at 7:30pm, the second starts at 9:30pm. Each game will 3-4 player pods and will be limited to a max of one and a half hours. If there is no winner at the end of the game, the person with the most Commander points will win the pod!

Fee: $5


  • Booster pack of choice OR
  • Drink of choice
  • Play in up to two store sanctioned EDH games that night


  • Game 1 – 7pm signup
  • Game 2 – 9pm signup

You can also pay $35 to cover all 8 weeks during the first week!

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Posted: April 2nd, 2013 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering

International TableTop Day Wrap-up

TableTop Day was an incredible holiday! We played over 100 games throughout the day. We started off with games played on TableTop and delved into tons of other games. Board Game Designers Chris Kreuter of Masquerade Games and Tim Rodriguez of Brooklyn Indie Games introduced their respective games, Epigo and Ghost Pirates to tons of people.

Thanks to everyone who came out! If you couldn’t here’s a glimpse of the day!

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Mattcaster Mage: Naya Naya Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

Two weeks ago I mentioned in the Modern tournament report that I have played my share of decks in the format since its inception. The list looked like this:

  • UB Reanimator
  • GR Aggro Burn
  • Jund
  • GW Bears
  • Melira Pod
  • Kiki Pod
  • Tribal Zoo

I left out a deck I played in one tournament a few days before the key cards all got banned, UR Infect (with Blazing Shoal and Dragonstorm).

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International Table Top Day is Saturday, March 30th

EDIT: This day was awesome! Check out the recap!

Table Top Day, sponsored by Geek and Sundry, is almost here! We will be playing a ton of games all day on Saturday starting at 11am when we open. We will be giving 30 goodie bags to the first people who come by for Table Top Day! We will also be raffling off other board games during the day just for showing up and playing a game!


11am – 11pm: Open Gaming

6pm – 7pm: Signup for Settlers of Catan and Epigo Tournaments, $5

7pm – 11pm:
– Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering, $5
– Epigo and Settlers of Catan Tournaments, $5

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Mattcaster Mage's Junk Reanimator

Kadar and I have both asked each other, “do you think Junk Reanimator has a shot in the current meta?” at various times recently. We both played variations of it for a few weeks when it was live, eventually giving it up when the Bant Control matches refused to stop going to time and FNMs seemed to drag on endlessly and result in draws. I eventually crawled back to Naya, and when Gatecrash hit I tried various Saito aggressive builds. Kadar went back to limited and kept coming up with wacky deck ideas and occasionally built them.

I’m a net decker. The time one needs to theorize, build, test, analyze data, rebuild, test again, etc., doesn’t exist in the life of a 33 year old man with a full time day job, rigorous art practice, and incredibly talented girlfriend (I swear she’s real). I’m telling you, it’s ok to net deck. The deck builders need people to practice their brews, right? Well that’s me. I check Top 8 deck lists on Star City Games,, and all the time. Mtgo-stats I check probably daily. When I flip through the decks I think about which decks fit my play style (re: anything that doesn’t have counter magic) and which cards are already in my collection or are super affordable. Then I pick the deck, print out the list, build it, and show up to a tournament. Sometimes I play test on Magic Online but not always. This is a much more economical use of my time than the aforementioned building a deck from scratch strategy. Let others do the work! I just wanna smash.

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