Commander's Arsenal - Sealed Tournament and Raffle

For months and months everyone has been asking to preorder Commander’s Arsenal. We have known for some time that we have an extremely limited amount of this product to go around making it impossible for us to sell a copy to everyone that wants one. We have decided to hold a tournament where first place gets a Commander’s Arsenal. We will raffle off the remaining Commander’s Arsenals so everyone has a shot of getting one!

This event is SOLD OUT!

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D&D Encounters : War of Everlasting Darkness : Session 1 Recap

Session 1 Recap Raffle Winner is Bill Roundy!

Entry 1 : Comic by Bill Roundy

Entry 2 : by Rich Stein

While scholars across the realms are still piecing together much of the details of what we now know as the War of Everlasting Darkess, one archaeological find has become a wealth of information. In the ruins of modest Temple of Kelemvor located within the Glimmerwood (exact location unknown) a collection of letters were discovered. The correspondences are all addressed to one Father Arneston, believed to be the high priest of the temple, and also a ranking member of the Order of Doomguides. The letters are penned by a young Paladin in this order, one Valara Solrei, who provides unprecedented insight into the events leading up to the War of Everlasting Darkness…

Greetings Father Arneston,

I write this to you from a well-kept room in the Whistling Stag Inn, in Quaevarr. I am sure you know of it well, it is not more than a few days journey. I followed the rumors of a restless spirit back to this village and while the rumors held true, what I found went far beyond the mere presence of an undying soul. The specter was himself once a knight, a paladin perhaps, of the long dead god of guardians, Helm.

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Board Games 101
by Chris Kreuter

In Gloom, you will control the outcome of the lives of oddball families who are absolutely miserable. Your goal is simple: make your family as miserable and gloomy as possible before they reach the afterlife. By playing mishaps, personal tragedies and other cards, you will lower their self worth as low as possible before their demise. 

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Halloween Party 2012

Photo Booth Gallery

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D&D Encounters : War of Everlasting Darkness : Character Creation

Steel yourself against the darkness with this season of D&D Encounters. War of Everlasting Darkness kicks off a few months after the events of Council of Spiders, and things are looking grim for the Forgotten Realms. As agents of Lolth succeed in acquiring artifacts of great magical power, the spinning of the Demon Weave is at hand. Darkness spreads across the land and it will take all the battle prowess, cunning, negotiation, and luck our heroes can muster to save the day. This season gives players a taste of high fantasy, with a sweeping story taking place all around the Forgotten Realms that spans the length of two years. Level up after each session, and take your hero to the brink of war and the edge of the world.

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