Mattcaster Mage: Go With What You Know

Hello! Let’s plow through Modern -

My record with Kibler Naya, prior to this past week, is 10-1-1 (with that one intentional draw to Richard a week ago). The good times are over.

This week I beat Nick’s Borborygomos Loam deck, lost to Li’s Scapeshift, and I don’t remember the rest. I’m now 11-4-1 with the list and will probably play it again this coming week. Modern is fun, alive, variable, and while I’d rather jam Standard games I accept it as a Standard alternative.

That said I played in two Standard events at Twenty Sided this week. At FNM I rocked a BUG Aggro list after asking Matt Guido what he’s been playing. “You’re not going to like this,” he said. He showed me a Bant list there is no chance I’d play and the following BUG list

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Beyond the Screen : Episode #2 : Ask Team DM

Lauren Bilanko with Guest DM Giaco Furino answer the second set of questions for Team DM from our last season of D&D Encounters, Against the Cult of Chaos. We also announce the winners for Players Choice Awards and recap Session 0 : Storm Over Neverwinter!

BehindTheScreen : Session #2 : Ask Team DM from Twenty Sided Store on Vimeo.

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Dragon's Maze Prerelease and Preorders

Return to Ravnica block is about to come to its exciting conclusion. Help find the way through the maze with your fellow guild members!

Signups are available online:


Friday, Midnight: Sealed, $25 (sold out)
Saturday, 9am: Sealed, $25 (sold out)
Saturday, 3pm: Sealed: $25 (sold out)
Saturday, 8:30pm: Two Headed Giant Sealed, $50 (per team) (sold out)
Sunday, 10am: Sealed, $25 (sold out)
Sunday, 4pm: Sealed, $25 (sold out)

By playing in the event, you will receive a Dragon’s Maze Guild Box! Unlike the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash prereleases, you will pick your guild at the time of the event. The box will contain:

  • One Return to Ravnica Guild Booster Pack
  • Four Dragon’s Maze Booster Packs
  • One Gatecrash Guild Booster Pack

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Mattcaster Mage: Doubling Down with TNM and FNM @ 20SS

I sleeved up Prime Speaker Bant and jammed some testing with Gene “Upkeep” Coffey. Drawing cards off of Zegana is awesome. Blinking her with Resto is also awesome. Before long, Modern starts, and I pack it up, get ready to check the pairings, and Giaco tells me I have the bye. I sat back down and jammed another game, then Luis told me my opponent Chris had arrived and I’d be up a game due to his lateness. Gene slid into his trademarked, “aww maaaan,” I grabbed my stuff again, and headed to the back room where weeknight constructed Magic happens. I played the same Kibler Naya deck I’m likely to be playing next week, too, BECAUSE I LOVE IT.

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Beyond The Screen : Episode #1 : Ask Team DM

Every Wednesday at Twenty Sided Store we play D&D Encounters. We have an average of 30 players and a team of 6 DMs running tables each season. At the end of every season I hand out a feedback questionnaire to our players. This season one of the questions I asked was, “If you had one question for Team DM what would it be?” and so I present you with this video as an attempt to answer those questions.

Behind The Screen : Session 1 : Ask Team DM from Twenty Sided Store on Vimeo.

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