International Table Top Day is Saturday, March 30th

EDIT: This day was awesome! Check out the recap!

Table Top Day, sponsored by Geek and Sundry, is almost here! We will be playing a ton of games all day on Saturday starting at 11am when we open. We will be giving 30 goodie bags to the first people who come by for Table Top Day! We will also be raffling off other board games during the day just for showing up and playing a game!


11am – 11pm: Open Gaming

6pm – 7pm: Signup for Settlers of Catan and Epigo Tournaments, $5

7pm – 11pm:
– Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering, $5
– Epigo and Settlers of Catan Tournaments, $5

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Mattcaster Mage's Junk Reanimator

Kadar and I have both asked each other, “do you think Junk Reanimator has a shot in the current meta?” at various times recently. We both played variations of it for a few weeks when it was live, eventually giving it up when the Bant Control matches refused to stop going to time and FNMs seemed to drag on endlessly and result in draws. I eventually crawled back to Naya, and when Gatecrash hit I tried various Saito aggressive builds. Kadar went back to limited and kept coming up with wacky deck ideas and occasionally built them.

I’m a net decker. The time one needs to theorize, build, test, analyze data, rebuild, test again, etc., doesn’t exist in the life of a 33 year old man with a full time day job, rigorous art practice, and incredibly talented girlfriend (I swear she’s real). I’m telling you, it’s ok to net deck. The deck builders need people to practice their brews, right? Well that’s me. I check Top 8 deck lists on Star City Games,, and all the time. Mtgo-stats I check probably daily. When I flip through the decks I think about which decks fit my play style (re: anything that doesn’t have counter magic) and which cards are already in my collection or are super affordable. Then I pick the deck, print out the list, build it, and show up to a tournament. Sometimes I play test on Magic Online but not always. This is a much more economical use of my time than the aforementioned building a deck from scratch strategy. Let others do the work! I just wanna smash.

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Board Games Available for In Store Play

A lot of folks have been asking for a list of store copies of games we have to play. Join us every Thursday for our Board Game Social @ 7pm!

Here is the complete alphabetical list of what we have right now. (We’re always adding to this list!)

7 Wonders
Alien Frontiers
Apples to Apples
Are You a Werewolf?
Arkham Horror
Ascension Storm of Souls
Battle Cattle
Battleship Galaxies
Battlestar Galactica
Betrayal at the House on the Hill
Bull’s Eye
Carcassonne: Traders & Builders

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Mattcaster Mage - Modern Tribal Zoo, A Tournament Report

by Matt Jones

I’ve played a number of decks since Modern came to be. Here’s a list:
UB Reanimator
GR Aggro Burn
GW Bears
Melira Pod
Kiki Pod
and most recently Tribal Zoo.

Finding the right non-countermagic deck to play in Modern at any given time is difficult. GW Bears gets smashed by so many decks. A few Kitchen Finks can ruin your day if you choose Tribal Zoo or Gruul Aggro. The Birthing Pod decks can get steamrolled by Zoo or Gruul Aggro or be countered out of existence. It comes down to one’s match ups and one’s draws.

Here’s the decklist I went with.

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Press: Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Sam Lipsyte Geeks Out About Role-Playing Games with Vol. 1

March 6, 2013
Article by Abraham Riesman

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