D&D Encounters : Escaping the Arrow - Session Recaps

Session 1

Entry by Leo Jenicek

Except from the Journal of Lord Gil-Thalion

Date… That’s bit of mystery at present, as I do seem to be escaping from a bally odd prison. Ormanel, normally I would be narrating my exciting adventures to you, and you’d be putting a bit of panache on the proceeding, as if my adventurer were not as adventurous as adventures should be! (Hmmm… Perhaps you were right, this writing is dashedly difficult! Well, I’ll give it the old “What Ho!” and press on.)

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Gatecrash Launch Party

Excited for more Gatecrash? Didn’t get a slot in the prerelease? Here comes the Gatecrash Launch Party! We’ll be hosting both Sealed and Draft throughout Saturday 2/2 and Sunday 2/3.

You can sign up both in-store and online for Sealed:


We’ll have Sealed events on both Saturday and Sunday. Drafts will start firing at noon on both days as soon as we have 8 people and table space to accommodate. Unlike the prerelease, you won’t be picking a Guild ahead of time. It will be 6 Gatecrash boosters.

Saturday – February, 2nd 2013
11am – Sealed, $30
5pm – Sealed, $30
1pm – Drafts, $15

Sunday – February, 3rd 2013
11am – Sealed, $30
1pm – Drafts, $15

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Gatecrash Prerelease

Avoid the cold, avoid the lines, sign up now for the Gatecrash Prerelease, January 26th-27th! Check out the latest spoilers; the set looks awesome!

We’re taking presignups, you can sign up here:


We’re having six total prerelease events throughout the weekend, five sealed flights and one Two-Headed Giant sealed event. Because of limited seating, you can pre-sign up for one sealed event.

We want to give as many people a chance to play as we can!


Saturday, January 26th
1/26 – Midnight Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/26 – 9am Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/26 – 3pm Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/26 – 8pm Two-Headed Giant Sealed, $50 (for the team) (sold out)

Sunday, January 27th
1/27 – 10am Sealed, $25 (sold out)
1/27 – 4pm Sealed, $25 (sold out)

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D&D Encounters : War of Everlasting Darkness : Sessions 5 - 8 Recap

Session 5 Recap Raffle Winner is Rich Stein

Entry 1 : by Wesley Rose

Sometimes the choices we make are not nearly as black and white as we would be led to believe. I was given this curse in an act of villainy, but if I can use it to sway the battle between darkness and light, even though I cannot enjoy the latter, I will do all my immortal body will allow me.

I am a product of darkness, but I fight not for it.

-Hamilton Moor
Quoted some years after the War of Everlasting Darkness

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D&D Encounters : War of Everlasting Darkness : Session 4 Recap

Session 4 Recap Raffle Winner is Bill Roundy!

Entry 1 : comics by Bill Roundy

Entry 2 : by Leo Jenicek

an ad found in the Citadel Adbar Gazette


Embrace the spirit of DIY with this original Keep occupying a strategic underground position. This charming stone tower features 2 floors with kitchen, master bedroom, guest(minion)room and open living space. Cleverly hid secret lair lies just underneath, perfect for parties, rituals or storage. There’s plenty of potential for the savvy investor or first time fortress buyer. (Note: this property comes as is, if you are squeamish about Drugar bodies or the remains of the undead, this may not be the place for you. But you could arm your troops with the arms and armor of the fallen at NO EXTRA CHARGE!)

All inquires should be sent to the court of King Harbromm, Citadel Adbar

Only serious offers will be considered.

No Drow need apply

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