Press: Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Sam Lipsyte Geeks Out About Role-Playing Games with Vol. 1

March 6, 2013
Article by Abraham Riesman

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Dragon's Maze PTQ

The Twenty Sided Dragon’s Maze PTQ is almost here! The format for this tournament is Modern Constructed. Recent tournament results can be found at

Date: Saturday, February, 23rd 2013
Cost: $25
Check-in: 9am @ Twenty Sided Store
Play Begins: 10am @ Bird River Studios (across the street)

Sign up for this event online:

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Behind the Screen: Dealing with Death, Pt. 2

by Chris Wood

Last time, we took a look at Death in D&D, or more specifically, when Death runs rampant through your game. I talked about TPKs (total party killed) and I gave you some methods for giving your players a helping hand when they get in too deep. But as we all know, not every story has a happy ending. This week, we are going to talk about what happens when Death claims your players despite your best intentions (or non-intervention), and why letting your players die can be good for the game.

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D&D Encounters : Escaping the Arrow - Session Recaps

Session 1

Entry by Leo Jenicek

Except from the Journal of Lord Gil-Thalion

Date… That’s bit of mystery at present, as I do seem to be escaping from a bally odd prison. Ormanel, normally I would be narrating my exciting adventures to you, and you’d be putting a bit of panache on the proceeding, as if my adventurer were not as adventurous as adventures should be! (Hmmm… Perhaps you were right, this writing is dashedly difficult! Well, I’ll give it the old “What Ho!” and press on.)

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Gatecrash Launch Party

Excited for more Gatecrash? Didn’t get a slot in the prerelease? Here comes the Gatecrash Launch Party! We’ll be hosting both Sealed and Draft throughout Saturday 2/2 and Sunday 2/3.

You can sign up both in-store and online for Sealed:


We’ll have Sealed events on both Saturday and Sunday. Drafts will start firing at noon on both days as soon as we have 8 people and table space to accommodate. Unlike the prerelease, you won’t be picking a Guild ahead of time. It will be 6 Gatecrash boosters.

Saturday – February, 2nd 2013
11am – Sealed, $30
5pm – Sealed, $30
1pm – Drafts, $15

Sunday – February, 3rd 2013
11am – Sealed, $30
1pm – Drafts, $15

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