Twenty Sided Khans of Tarkir Championships

We are proud to announce a new Championship series, #20ssChamps, for all of you competitive Magic players out there! We will have three championship tracks, one each for Limited, Standard and Modern / Legacy.

Check your Championship points!

Regular Events

For each event you play in, starting Monday 9/29/2014 through Saturday 1/10/2015, you will accrue Planeswalker style points towards qualifying for the Championships. For example, if you want to qualify for the Twenty Sided KTK Standard Championship, each Standard tournament you play in earns you points towards that Championship event. The same follows for sealed/draft events and Modern/Legacy events.

Special Saturday Events

On most Saturday nights through December, we’ll host highly competitive events with great prize support. These events will be noted on our calendar as COMPETITIVE and run at Competitive REL. Competitive events will have a 3x multiplier for Twenty Sided Championship points. Unless otherwise noted, these events will have a 1x Planeswalker Point multiplier. All events are subject to player caps.

Prize Support

Sealed: 4-1: 18 packs, 5-0: 1 box
Standard Prize Payout: 4-1: 1 box, 5-0: 2 boxes. (Game Day excluded)
Modern Prize Payout: 4-1: $100 store credit, 5-0: $200 store credit
Legacy GP Trial: 3x Planeswalker Point Multiplier

Top 8 receives entry into GP New Jersey.

1st – $150 store credit
2nd – $100 store credit
3rd-4th – $75 store credit
5th-8th – $50 store credit

Schedule for 3x Multiplier Events
10/4/14: Sealed, 5 rounds 32 player limit
10/11/14: Modern, 5 rounds 32 player limit RECAP
10/18/14: Standard Khans of Tarkir Game Day, no player cap
10/25/14: Sealed, 5 rounds 32 player limit
11/1/14: Legacy GP NJ Trial SIGN UP
11/8/14: Standard, 5 rounds, 32 player limit
11/15/14: Sealed, 32 player limit
11/22/14: Modern, 5 rounds, 32 player limit
11/29/14: Standard, 5 rounds, 32 player limit

Championship Qualifier Events

Can’t make it to a ton of these events? Play in the Championship Qualifier event this December! First place qualifies you for the Championship of that track. Each qualifier tournament comes with a 3x multipler.

Schedule for Qualifier Events
12/6/14: Limited Qualifier + top 8 draft, player cap TBA
12/13/14: Modern Qualifier + top 8, player cap TBA
12/20/14: Standard Qualifier + top 8, player cap TBA

Championship Events

The top players in each track will get invited to a special invitation only tournament held at Twenty Sided Store!

Constructed tracks (Standard and Modern/Legacy) will have the top 16 players. The tournament will be a 4 round, cut to top 4 event.

The Limited Championship will have 16 invitees and will consist of two 8 player drafts. The top 4 in each pod will advance to a single elimination 8 player draft.

At the end of these events we will crown a Draft Champion, Standard Champion and Modern Champion!

Championship events will have a 5x multipler for Twenty Sided points.

Schedule for Championship Events
12/27/14: Standard Championship
1/3/15: Modern / Legacy Championship
1/10/15: Draft Championship

GP Accomodations

At the conclusion of the Championships, the overall top point accruer will win a special award – entry and paid hotel accommodations to a domestic Grand Prix of their choice in 2015!


If you have any questions about these programs, shoot us an email at or just talk to Luis the time you’re in the store!

Good luck, Planeswalkers!

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The Dungeon Masters : #1 : Gen Con Indy 2014

Marking the 40th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons and the launch of the new edition, Chris Wood, Danny Norton, Ken Breese, and Lauren Bilanko traveled to Indianapolis, IN for Gen Con Indy, one of the the largest gaming conventions in the world, to participate in the Adventure’s League Epic Event and lived to tell about it.

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D&D Encounters : Dead in Thay


Lay Low the Red Wizards!
The lich lord of Thay and his Red Wizards threaten to dominate all of the Sword Coast. The Bloodgate, an elemental node of power, must be destroyed in order to stop them!

( Wizards of the Coast)

Check out Twenty Sided Store’s Adventure Journal
Written by Leo Jenicek

and… thanks to Team DM!

Dreams of the Red Wizards
Launch Session
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3 – part 1
Session 3 – part 2
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Session 9
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12
Session 13 – Finale

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Magic 2015 Game Day

Magic 2015 Game Day is just around the corner. We have some special prizes for this event along with our regular festivities – notably Garruk’s Axe, Magic 2015 Fat Pack and a GP Boston Dark Confidant Playmat!

At the end of the main portion of the tournament, we will be raffling off the following:
- GP Boston Dark Confidant Playmat
- Magic 2015 Fat Pack
- Garruk’s Axe!

Also if you play and beat Luis during the tournament, you’ll receive:
- one Standard legal pack of your choice (that we have in stock)
- extra entry in the raffle

Date: Saturday, 8/9/2014
Signup: Noon
Start: 1pm
Cost: $10
Format: Standard

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Spotlight : # 1 : Are you a Leader?

by Lauren Bilanko

Does your to-do list have way more items not crossed off than you care to admit? With over a month of summer left to go, this is not the season for feeling overwhelmed. Call on Ajani to harness those leadership skills, gather your allies, and accomplish tasks you never thought possible!

What does it take to be a leader, and not just any leader, a great leader?
Confidence. Self Respect. Responsibility. Persistence. Purpose.

Gather your Allies
Your allies are people you can trust and who trust you. People who believe in your idea, want to be a part of making it a reality, and who will stand by you through thick and thin. They will follow your lead and grow by your example.

Take Responsibility
It is your duty to advance the aims of the goal and those who serve it. Your words are inspirational, your allies are listening even when you think they are not. When making decisions, weigh the facts, consider all the solutions and their consequences, value your objectives, and clearly communicate your decision. If you make a mistake, admit it, resolve it, and move on. Never apologize for making a mistake or make excuses for your actions. Mistakes are how we learn and grow. It is not that we made the mistake, but how we dealt with the mistake that we made. Your actions set the example others will follow. Set good ones.

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