D&D Encounters : Search for the Diamond Staff - Session 2 RECAP

by Giaco Furnino

Imani’s Tower
The crash and clangs of steel rang out even after the chaos subsided. The Orcs that tried to burn down the small town of Hap splintered their attacks, and it seems the sacking of the town was a ruse! The chaotic sounds of battle continued off near the wizard Imani’s tower, and our stalwart heroes followed.

And oh, the decimation that was that old wizard’s tower! The adventurers stumbled upon a ghastly scene. The wizard was unconscious on the floor covered by a dead orc. Burnt and crushed orcs lay scattered around the room and a giant golem, made from cobbled together body parts, screamed and smashed all around.

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D&D Encounters : Search for the Diamond Staff - Session 1 RECAP

by Giaco Furnino

Dark Dealings in Hap
What type of famous old wizard would live in a backwater, log cabin town like Hap? You may have asked yourself that question as you trudged through the mud and muck in the mid-day rain. You’d been summoned by the wizard Imani for a month-long job that paid well (and paid in treasure).

The old Turmishan wizard gave you and your group the old “once over” and, though not thrilled with what he saw, went into the details of your quest. He recently came into possession of a powerful ancient Elvish artifact: The Diamond Staff of Chomylla. This staff is a powerful artifact said to unlock the Vaults of Song in the Elvish ruins of Uvaeren. There lies ancient lore, knowledge, and magic that the modern world can’t even begin to comprehend.

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Press: PBS Off Book Dungeons & Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs

Published on Jun 20, 2013
Since their growth in popularity in the 1970s, RPGs have had a huge influence not just on players, but on everything from Hollywood to the development of video games. Now, In a world dominated by video games and social media, there remains an enduring interest in gathering around a table and playing games face to face.

Beyond cards and board games, Role Playing Games allow not just for interaction and play, but the creativity of storytelling, world creation, and engagement with ideas.The adaptability of D&D and other tabletop RPGs can satisfy players in a way that our digital world still cannot, with unique game mechanics and engagement and limitless use of imagination.

As tabletop RPGs enjoy a cultural resurgence, more and more people are discovering the freedom and interactivity that makes them unique.

Jon Peterson, author “Playing At the World”
Lauren Bilanko, Twenty Sided Store
Wythe Marschall, Game Master, @hollowearths
Ethan Gilsdorf, Writer “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”

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Press: Topless Robot Road Trips: The 15 Nerdiest Places in Brooklyn

June 20, 2013
Article By Chris Cummins

1) The Way Station
2) Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company
3) Gotham City Lounge
4) Joseph Koch Warehouse
5) Vinnie’s Pizzeria
6) Scott Eder Gallery

7) Twenty Sided Store
It’s easy to get down about life given all of the tragedy that surrounds us on a daily basis, but there are still some things to be optimistic about. Case in point: there is no longer a stigma to being a Dungeons and Dragons player. Role-playing games are bigger than ever, and the Twenty Sided Store is there for dungeon masters and Magic: The Gathering aficionados alike.

Supplying gamers with the tools of their trade is one thing, but this retailer goes one further by hosting events every day of the week. Such happenings as board-game socials implode the cliche that gamers still rule over their imaginary worlds from the comfort of their parents basements. Nope. Visitors to the Twenty Sided Store are just regular folks. And the social aspect the establishment provides means that visitors probably don’t need a saving throw when it comes time to getting their freak on either. Now that’s progress.

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D&D Encounters : Search for the Diamond Staff - Session 0 RECAP

Cinnaelos’Cor Festival

If there’s one thing the Dalelands aren’t known for it’s throwing a great party. But once every leap year the elves, men, nobles, peasants, farmers, and adventurers all get together to celebrate Shieldmeet. Commemorating the pact of peace made between humans and elves centuries ago, we celebrated this holiday at the shop with games, merriment, character creation, and background/world building!

There were small games to be played, prizes to be won, trivia to be stumped by, and interesting characters to meet! Special prizes went out to raffle winners Loris and Neil, who each won a shiny new set of dice, and to Brandon, who won a copy of Ed Greenwood Presents: Elminster’s Forgotten Realms. Congrats to these hearty folk of the Dalelands!

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