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Cinema Series DM Submissions

Cinema Series

We have a ton of Role Playing Games at Twenty Sided Store that we would like to play in store. One of the best ways to break the ice with a new system, is to set it in a familiar setting based on cinematic movies or TV shows.

Cinema Series is about doing just that! So far we have run D&D - Harry Potter, Cypher - Aliens, Shadowrun - Blade Runner, Call of Cthulhu - Resivoir Dogs, Carolina Death Crawl - Cold Mountain.

Each month I will select 2 two different game submissions to feature. One of the features will be screened following the event.

Submit Your Game Now!

Compensation & Requirements

Event Staff is paid out in a Store Credit Gift Card. Cinema Series DMs are compensated $10 SC on the day of the event.

1) Be on time and ready to run your game. DMs should arrive 30 minutes prior to event start time to set up their table and greet players as they arrive for the event.

2) Advertise Your Event Once the event is posted for sign ups and registration, you will be sent a 20ss bitly link to the event which should be used to advertise. Great ways to advertise is to post on social media, text or email your friends, and reach out to new players.

3) "Great Power comes with Great Responsibility" Take an active roll as a sanctioned representative of the Twenty Sided Store, respect your fellow DMs, and continue to be inviting and welcoming to everyone who comes to the store!


Twenty Sided Store has wet erase battlemats, wet erase markers, store minis and tokens, pencils, and other basics for use during your event.

If you would would like to bring additional materials to enhance your game - please do!

If you need any materials printed out, please send an email 24 hours prior to your event to: [email protected]

Confirmation Cancelations

Life happens!
If you cannot make a session, for whatever reason after registration has gone live, please contact me as soon as you know so I can make the appropriate arrangements.

If you are notifying me in less than 48hrs, please reach me on my cell - 917.859.7727


I thank you all, deeply, for your contribution to our goal in making the Twenty Sided Store the best place in all the land to Play RPGs!