Avacyn Restored 2k Weekend

We’ll be running some awesome Magic tournaments the week after the Avacyn Restored release at the store.

What is a 1k tournament? It’s a tournament with $1000 in prizes awarded! We’ll have a Sealed on Saturday.

Signup online for this event!

Saturday, 5/12/2012
Format: Sealed / GP Atlanta Trial
Cost: $30
Prize: $1000 distributed to the top 16

Sunday, 5/13/2012
Canceled due to Mother’s Day obligations.

Saturday Sealed is a trial for Grand Prix Atlanta. Not only do you win awesome prizes, but first place gets 3 byes to the event!

The prize breakdown will be:
1st: $250 store credit or 3 boxes Avacyn Restored, 3 Grand Prix byes
2nd: $100 store credit or 1 box Avacyn Restored
3rd-4th: $75 store credit or Fat Pack + 6 Booster Packs
5th-8th: $50 store credit or Fat Pack + 6 Booster Packs
9th-16th: Avacyn Restored Fat Pack ($40 retail)

Seating for these events will be limited, sign up now!

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Posted: May 1st, 2012 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering