Avacyn Restored Launch Events

Avacyn Restored is finally here! After an awesome prerelease last weekend, we’re ready to get rolling with Sealed and Draft events!

Friday Night Magic

Friday Night Magic will be have our usual menu of Standard and Draft. Booster Drafts will be three packs of Avacyn Restored. For Standard, Avacyn Restored will be legal.

Also note that we will have Avacyn Restored singles available for purchase Friday when we open!


We will be having Sealed and Draft events all weekend long. Saturday we’ll have two sealed events with drafts running all day, starting at noon. Sunday, we’ll have one sealed event with drafts running all day as well. Sealed events have a capacity of 32 people and drafts will fire as soon as we have 8 people (and table space!).

Signup and pay online now!

Saturday, 5/5
10am – 3pm: Sealed Event #1
Noon: Draft
4pm – 9pm: Sealed Event #2

Sunday, 5/5
11am – 4pm: Sealed Event #3
Noon: Draft

Prize Payout

As usual draft payout is 8-4-2-2 (in packs for an 8 person pod).

Sealed will payout the following:
4-0: 12 packs Avacyn Restored
3-0-1: 9 packs Avacyn Restored
3-1: 6 packs Avacyn Restored
2-1-1: 3 packs Avacyn Restored

Promo Cards

We have a limited amount of Restoration Angel Promo cards to give out as well! The first 36 72 people to sign up for sealed (online or in store) will receive a free Foil Restoration Angel. Awesome!

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Posted: May 1st, 2012 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering