D&D Encounters : Beyond the Crystal Cave : Session 7 Recap

With the Holidays behind us, it’s time to get down to some monster-slaying business! If you’ve missed any sessions, feel free to hop back in on the action!

As our heroes continued their journey, they ran across two of the most powerful creatures living on the island. Leaving the nightmare hollow behind, they ascended through ever denser forest and eventually emerged into an open meadow atop the hill they climbed.

The glade appeared to be a reflection of eternal summer, and an ancient female fey presented herself from the boughs of a lone tree. With eyes as radiant as twin suns, she called to mind Juliana’s description of a woman fairer than any other. Introducing herself as Rosaline, the enigmatic nymph explained that she took Orlando to her friend Oakstaff. When pressed about Juliana, she explained that she did not foresee that Soryth would find her so quickly and that the black song that tore at their souls could not be sung until Juliana and Orlando were again united; which means that she is safe as long as Orlando is safe. She made a point of stating that she was unable to enter the Palace of Spires, and that it was not her destiny to destroy Soryth even if she could. Making the adventurers promise to speak with Oakstaff, she gave them two crystal vials full of a swirling vapor and instructed that they would know what to do with them when the time was right. Then, she pointed the direction of Oakstaff’s whereabouts.

Down the other side of Rosaline’s hill, in a shadowy part of the forest, the heroes stumbled upon a hollow of old oak trees. As they drew near, a wizened face became apparent on the trunk of the tallest and stoutest of them. Twisting in their direction, the tree uprooted and introduced itself as Oakstaff. Gregarious, opinionated and honest, Oakstaff waxes nostalgic about his old war stories and days that he spent as a Knight of the Green Fey. Leading the adventurers into a quiet grotto, he explained that they could speak freely and assured them that Orlando was safely tucked away in the Water Palace out on the lack. He chose the place because it is protected against the foul hag Soryth and the confounded fiend Kalbon. When told that Orlando needs to be brought back to the archfey agents, Oakstaff insists that the young fey’s quarreling would be of no help in the fight to save the island. He agrees to the heroes taking Orlando back to the archfey and promises to speak some sense into them himself. Before sending them off, he shaped wood vials for each member of the party, filled them with steam water, and cast a spell upon them with a whisper.

The lake isn’t far from Oakstaff’s grove, and it stands in the middle of a scene lake in a tiny forested isle, made of white stone. Schools of rainbow hued minnows swam beneath crystal clear waters, and a group of young otters frolicked nearby. Lucky enough, a wide raft was tied to a dock down the shoreline, and the heroes set about making their way across the lake. Making their way far out into the water, a thunderous voice broke the placid silence. A pixie mage in blue robes made himself known on the grasses of the shoreline, with a shadowy figure of a fanged man with large horns floating above him. The fiendish villain, identifying itself as Kalbon “lord of the isle,” instructed the pixie to destroy the adventurers and bring Orlando forth before disappearing as soon as the pixie flew over the water. Using powerful arcane magic, the pixie called forth the formidable powers angry wind and descended upon the characters in a possessed fury.

A dangerous battle raged and our heroes barely made it out alive. Questioning the pixie revealed that Kalbon had sent agents to fetch Orlando because he and Soryth were unable to get past the wards on the Water Palace. With little more information to be squeezed from the tiny mage, the adventurers found themselves with the task of entering the Water Palace ahead.

Join us this Wednesday for D&D Encounters: Beyond the Crystal Cave, Session 8! And don’t forget to ask about otter-riding, giant pixies and triple-TPKs!!


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