D&D Encounters : Beyond the Crystal Cave : Session 9 Recap

As twilight descended over Porpherio’s Garden, our adventurers made their way towards the Archfey camp by the light of a vibrant moon. As they approached the toadstool ring through which they came to the isle, the pale light revealed Uma, Ragnar and Oakstaff standing among their nymph, pixie, satyr and wilden attendants.

Uma and Ragnar bickered as the heroes approached and Oakstaff silenced them as he requested the story of Orlando’s return. After becoming more lucid, Orlando revealed that his death would not have been permanent because his soul is Porpherio’s and thus the island’s itself. He told all that Kalbon and Soryth can thus be lain without fear of losing the pieces of soul within them.

The adventurers tell the archfey of their battle with Basal, and Uma revealed that the Fountain All Heal would be able to restore all to its proper order. The archfey apologized to each other for their foolish squabbles and requested that the heroes enter the Palace of Spires and destroy Soryth. Accepting that they were the island’s last hope, the heroes ventured forth to the bramble maze surrounding the palace; with Soryth’s own bloodstone, which has been enchanted by Uma.

Setting up camp for the night, our heroes lay down to rest. As night deepened, they were attacks by a cabal of xivorts! An angry battle ensued, and xivorts swarmed the battlefield as they antagonized the heroes and darted out of reach . After getting bowled over by fallen trees and overcoming the xivorts, the adventurers found themselves standing at the opening of the bramble maze. Ready to confront Soryth and set everything aright, they decide to plunge ahead!

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Posted: January 23rd, 2012 | Tagged: Dungeons and Dragons