D&D Encounters : Elder Elemental Eye : Chapter 3 Recap

In order to delve deeper into the temple, our heroes needed to pass the Great Shrine’s altar, which revealed itself to be the Amorphous One that the prisoner Malgrym spoke of. After a dangerous battle, the path into the real sanctum, the Temple of the Eye, opened. Standing at the top of a winding stair, the adventurers hear the emanations of strange whispers.

Our heroes descended the spiral stairs into the lower temple and were forced to choose between four elemental paths through a maze. Magic, hazards, and guardians made the path difficult and dangerous to maneuver. Eventually, the adventurers arrived at what could only be the Temple of the Eye, where they fought with twisted elementals and demons in order to gain access to portals through a giant obsidian obelisk into the temple’s deepest heart — the Black Cyst.

Our heroes entered magical portals in the side of the black stone obelisk. Instead of arriving in the Black Cyst, they found themselves trapped in a nightmarish reflection of Easting. In order to overcome the trials of the mindscape, they needed to unlock the hopeful elements of the environment and kill the creature whose mind kept them bound. Having done so, they have escaped into the true heart of the temple. Now, they stand face-to-face with a familiar red-haired dwarf in violet robes…

Our heroes have battled their way through the heart of the cult’s temple, defeated the maddened Zakairn, and sealed the Voidharrow basin, saving the area from the intrusion of the abyssal plague. They received a hero’s welcome in Easting, where they spent the night and have made ready to return to Iriaebor in order to report to the Merchant Council and receive their promised reward.

This is it, friends! The final event! Our heroes have claimed victory in the face of maddening evil, and they now need only collect their reward. — What could possibly go wrong?

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Posted: May 9th, 2012 | Tagged: Dungeons and Dragons