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This realm and the town with which it shares its name are better known for the past than the present. Ancient battles and the ruins they left behind draw historians and adventurers alike to these lands. Storm and Sylune Silverhand once dwelled here, and sly Elminster still does. His protection has long kept Shadowdale safe, and even if Elminster’s power has greatly diminished since his time as Mystra’s Chosen, who would dare attack his home?

The white granite hill called Old Skull has loomed over Shadowdale for ages, but its significance has varied over time. When drow controlled the town, it was a sign of danger and domination. Shen their kind were forced out, the people of Shadowdale went back to seeing the hill as nothing more than a fascinating landmark. Sheep graze around it now, while children play atop its slopes of bare white stone.

A famed tavern takes its name from the landmark. The Old Skull Inn is known throughout Faerun as a haven for adventureers. It is said that secret tunnels lead from the tavern’s basement into catacombs under Old Skull-and from there into the Underdark. Adventurers gossip that a bribe to the innkeeper, Ghessla Silvermane, can gain an honest traveler access to the realms below the earth.

Lady Addee Ulphor rules Shadowdale, presiding over a land that has been peaceful for the twenty years since Lord Azalar Falconhand retired. The symbol of leadership, the Pendant of Ashaba, is Lady Ulphor’s by right, and she keeps it secured in the Twisted Tower of Ashaba.

You have come to Shadowdale, as have your fellow adventurers, to delve into the caverns of the Underdark…

Players in this season of D&D Encounters gain access to one of the following three character background. Backgrounds were first introduced in Player’s Handbook 2, and they confer a benefit based on the associated skill. When a player creates a character using one of these backgrounds, he or she can select one of the following background benefits.
Gain a +2 bonus to checks with one skill associated with the background.
Add one skill associated with the background to that characer’s class skills list for the purpose of choosing trained skills.

You’re a native of Shadowdale, well familiar with the stories of drow invasions from under Old Skull. Your homeland shows few signs that the drow once ruled it. These days, pastoral farmlands stretch out around Old Skull, and the great wizard Elminster protects the area. Or at least he usually does. Elminster is often away, and his magical wards aren’t as strong as they once were.
Did you grow up in Shadowdale or did you settle in the area later? What close ties to the town do you have? What possessions or people do you feel a need to protect? Have you met Elminster? Have you worked with him in the past or been inspired by him?
Associated Skill: Diplomacy or Nature

Myth Drannor
The eladrin city-state of Myth Drannor seems like a place out of time in comparison to the human-dominated settlements of the Dalelands. Though the city’s inhabitants are predominantly eladrin (plus a large minority of elves), they welcome outsiders and participate in the politics of the region. Myth Drannor’s people drove the Jaelre drow into the Underdark in ages past, and they realize how dangerous it would be if they retook Shadowdale.
Did a life among the eladrin instill a hatred of the drow in you? Do you come from Myth Drannor, or the exotic forest of Cormanthor that surrounds it? Do you serve as an ambassador between Myth Drannor and Shadowdale? If not, what brings you here?
Associated Skill: Arcana or Nature.

Deep Wastes
You hail from beneath the Dalelands, born in an area of the Underdark called the Deep Wastes. Though Valan Jaelre’s drow have grown in numbers lately, most societies in the sparesely populated tunnels of the Wastes remain small.
How much do you know about Valan Jaelre? What sort of dealings have you had with the drow under Old Skull? Did you suspect the drow might be planning to attack Shadowdale? Why did you travel to the surface instead of staying in the Underdark?
Associated Skill: Dungeoneering or Nature.

*It’s about to get real yo… I sure hope you’re not afraid of the dark! -Danny

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