D&D Encounters : Web of the Spider Queen : Session 0

Our heroes arrived at the Temple of Lathander’s Light, each in possession of a ruby that Her Radiance, Dareen Travaskyr, has asked each of them to retrieve. The temple’s entry hall is deserted, as are the temple’s other chambers. After a brief investigation, the adventurers found signs of a struggle throughout the temple’s rooms and corridors. In the kitchen, blood droplets indicated the presence of a hidden trapdoor, giving them access to the temple’s forgotten cellar.

The cellar initially appeared empty as well, but our heroes were confronted by two dwarves and a drow archer. Each of the dwarves used a captive as a shield. After dealing with this rear guard and rescuing the two captives, the adventurers learned what was happening in the tunnels beneath the temple, and where the rest of the hostages were being held.

Our heroes descended into the depths, emerging into an ancient Underdark complex. The blood trail continued to a room containing an altar to Lolth, upon which more than a dozen hostages were bound. Using stealth, trickery and sharpened blade, the adventurers defeated the enemies and rescued the captives.

After learning that two hostages were still missing, our heroes inferred that a secret doorway existed somewhere along the route they’d just traveled. Armed with this knowledge, they more easily located the hidden way. At the end of the secret passageway, a magically alarmed rune awaited them, as well as a summoned water elemental, and a bevy of drow intent on blood.

Succeeding in saving the hostages and defeating the drow, Dareen Travaskyr created the Visage of Lathander, a holy symbol of great power, using the red rubies in our heroes’ possession. She rewarded them each with treasure, as well as information that has drawn them towards even greater adventure.

Comic by Bill Roundy

The second ever, seasonal Player’s Choice Awards paraded in with a bang! You voted, you chose, and you honored:

Choice Character
Of 8 Nominees — Adam Schlesinger

Choice Roleplayer
Of 10 Nominees — Ken Breese

Choice Gamer
Of 9 Nominees — Leo Jenicek

Please share the joy as we bring Chris Wood and Ken Breese into the DM fold! (and don’t hesitate to get your round-robin signed, or inspire a mutinous coup if they don’t meet your every expectation).

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Posted: May 16th, 2012 | Tagged: Dungeons and Dragons