Free RPG Day 2015 - Game Descriptions

*in alphabetical order

Apocalypse – World Wide Wrestling

[DM – Chris]

Monday Night Mayhem
Step into the Squared Circle with the men and women of Starr Championship Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion with growing momentum and a need for superstar talent. Live out your dreams of being a crowd-favorite babyface or a dastardly heel. Experience the over-the-top drama and excitement of pro wrestling in this amazing RPG powered by the Apocalypse. Do you have what it takes to be top dog in the SCW?

World Wide Wrestling is a storytelling RPG based on the art and business of professional wrestling. Players take the role of wrestlers trying to please the audience, deal with backstage politics and drama, and protect their bodies from injury. Players and Creative work together to book an entertaining show that the “audience” is not soon to forget.

Rules as Written

  1. of players: 6
    Tone: Silly
    Emphasis: Roleplaying, Story, Shared Storytelling

Cosmic Patrol

[DM – Leo]

The Doomsday Protocols
Incoming Orders from Cosmic Patrol Headquarters:
A Rocketship called Hannibal is overdue for check-in. She is outfitted for scientific research. You are Patrolmen, the first and last line of defense! Your mission is to find the Rocket and it’s crew and bring them home safe. Try not to get lost and don’t get into too much trouble along the way…

Go on a Space Adventure and save the solar system in this sci-fi themed game!
Cosmic Patrol is easy to learn and improv heavy – great for players with wild imaginations.
Pre-generated Characters Provided.

Rules as Written

  1. of players: 3 – 6
    Tone: Light-Hearted
    Emphasis: roleplaying, investigation, exploration, shared storytelling, world building

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Free RPG Day 2015 - Schedule

Join Us for Free RPG DayAll Weekend Long!

Saturday June 20th

Be the first to get a sweet swag bag! The early bird gets the worm…. first give away bags are fully stocked!

Table 1 – Mini Painting – Buy a mini, Paint for free!

12:00pm – 1:50pm
Table 2 – Cosmic Patrol [DM Leo]
Table 3 – Shadowrun [DM Anastasia]
Table 4 – Kobolds Ate My Baby [DM Jeff]
Table 5 – Night’s Black Agents [DM Richard]
Table 6 – Pathfinder – We be Goblins [DM Steven]

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Free RPG Day 2014 - SCHEDULE

Join Us for Free RPG Day – Saturday June 21,2014

11:00 AM – Doors Open!

Be the first to get a sweet swag bag! The early bird gets the worm…. first give away bags are fully stocked!

Mini Painting

Buy a mini, paint for free!

Goonies Dwarven Forge Death Dungeon

Play your favorite Gonnies Character, find One-Eyed Willies Treasure and save the Goon Docks… That is if you survive… (*special prize – any Reaper mini or painted mini $5 and under for free for anyone who makes it out alive!)

Collaborative World Building

Take part in creating the first Twenty Sided universe!

Build a D&D Encounters Character!

We will be running games all day!

For more details on games being run, click HERE .

CONTINUE READING for the full schedule of games being run…

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Check out our full event schedule HERE .

CONTINUE READING for more information on games being run…

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Exclusive TableTop Day Promos

We have a ton of promo cards to giveaway during #TableTopDay! Just ask one of our staff members (probably up at the front of the store) for promos of the game you are interested in. If we have any left we’ll gladly hand them over!

We have promos for the following games:

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Wil Wheaton Tells All About TableTop Day Goodies


Listing of games with free promos!

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International Table Top Day 2014

Hey Game Lovers! This Saturday, April 5th, is the day for boardgames.

It’s International Tabletop Day, a worldwide event created by the brains behind Geek & Sundry and their YouTube series TableTop (feat. Will Wheaton and Felicia Day).

International Tabletop Day is your chance to come and play tons of games!
Where: Twenty Sided Store
When: Saturday April 5th – ALL DAY @ 11am – 11pm
Cost: FREE

We will be showcasing new games and tons of old favorites! Come play as many games as you can and have more fun than should be legally allowed (even for a Saturday).

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Black Friday Sale

Greetings friends and family of the Twenty Sided Store! Get all your holiday shopping done this season with our awesome Black Friday Sale.

We are offering all types of amazing deals throughout the store with savings on Roleplaying Games, Magic: The Gathering, and Board Games.

Friday 11/29
11am – 11pm

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International Table Top Day is Saturday, March 30th

EDIT: This day was awesome! Check out the recap!

Table Top Day, sponsored by Geek and Sundry, is almost here! We will be playing a ton of games all day on Saturday starting at 11am when we open. We will be giving 30 goodie bags to the first people who come by for Table Top Day! We will also be raffling off other board games during the day just for showing up and playing a game!


11am – 11pm: Open Gaming

6pm – 7pm: Signup for Settlers of Catan and Epigo Tournaments, $5

7pm – 11pm:
– Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering, $5
– Epigo and Settlers of Catan Tournaments, $5

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Halloween Party 2012

Photo Booth Gallery

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D&D Encounters : Elder Elemental Eye : Session 0

D&D Encounters: Easting Town Hall Meeting from Twenty Sided Store on Vimeo.

As a prequel to the coming campaign, we were given an insider’s view of a town hall meeting in the crossroads village of Easting. A plague has begun to spread through the population, and the situation has quickly spiraled into irrational action as fear and uncertainty begin to outpace the rate of infection. A diseased woman burst into the crowd, screaming and pleading for the safety of her family as villagers who have initiated their own efforts to board up her home. Order is beginning to give way to chaos, and this is where the story of our heroes begins…

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Twenty Sided Halloween Party Pics!

Our Halloween party was awesome, everyone had tons of fun!

Here are the results of our Twenty Sided Costume Contest!
1st Place:
Runaway winner dressed up as Link! Such an awesome costume

2nd Place:

1st Place for Duos:

2nd Place for Duos:

Honorable Mentions!

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Halloween Monster Ball: Costume Contest, Performances and Dance Party!

Saturday October 29th 7pm-late
No Cover
Beer provided by Brooklyn Brewery, $3 a bottle (suggested donation)

This Saturday at 7pm we will be closing the store, clearing out all the tables and chairs at Twenty Sided for Lauren’s annual Halloween Party. It’ll be a ghoulishly fun and exciting night! Creep and crawl your way in the moonlight to get your portrait taken and enter your awesome costume into the Twenty Sided Costume Contest!

At 9pm the performances begin! Poet Caiti Lattimer will be reading, “Thief”, accompanied by cellist Heather Tornes. Then get ready for Candles of Paradise! The music is incredible and the slow-fi, gospel infused gothic melodies will ensure a devilish evening of fun!

The night will rage on with a Monster Mash Dance party!

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