Twenty Sided Modern PTQ - Sunday, March 18th 2012

Twenty Sided Store’s Modern PTQ is coming up fast! The event will be held at The Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Warsaw is easily walkable from the Bedford L and Nassau G stops. We’ll be posting more details on how to get to the venue soon! Update Directions on how to the event are now up!

Cost: $30
Registration: 9am
Event starts: 10am
The Warsaw
261 Driggs Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Reserve your spot now and pay online!

Decklists will be required for this event!

We will also be running several side events:
Zendikar / Zendikar / Worldwake Draft
Rise of the Eldrazi Draft
Innistrad Block Draft
Standard Win a Box
Modern Win a Box


Modern is shaping up to be pretty sweet with archetypes from virtually every set legal having some an impact on the format. Bloodbraid into Tarmogoyf, Delver of Secrets and Remand, Urza lands casting Emrakul, Melira and Kitchen Finks hanging out – sweet format!

Recent decklists:
PTQ in Albuquerque, NM 2/18
PTQ in Portland, OR 2/18
PTQ in Hattiesburg, MS 2/18
PTQ in Louisville, KY 2/18
GP Lincoln 2/18

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Posted: March 8th, 2012 | Tagged: Magic: the Gathering