Magic Event Tweaks

April 1st, 2014 is our three-year anniversary. It’s been a wild ride, and we’re always looking to improve. In addition to our huge schedule additions of Cube Draft League and Eternal Magic League, we’re changing a couple things here and there.

Monthly Top 8 Standard

Each month (schedule permitting), we will have a regular Standard Tournament with a cut to top 8. These tournaments, by and large, will be Magic Game Days and Grand Prix Trials. For GP Trials, we will proritize and schedule in the following order:
- Grand Prix events within easy driving distance to NYC, e.g. GP Boston would be weighted higher than GP Portland
- Grand Prix format is Standard, e.g. GP Los Angeles (Standard) would be weighted higher than GP Nashville (Sealed)

FNM Draft Prize Payout

Starting Friday, April 5th our FNM Draft prize payout will change to one pack per match win. All other drafts will be the normal prize payout. Undefeated players will receive an additional prize pack and the regular FNM promo he/she would regularly receive. Winless players will also receive a participation pack provided they play each round.

We want FNM to be a more welcoming environment for newer players, and we think this is a great opportunity to do so.

Saturday Draft Times

We are altering Saturday Draft times slightly. Saturday afternoon draft will now have a 3:30pm signup and 4pm start. Saturday night draft will have a 7pm signup and 7:30pm start.

Note that all night drafts regardless of day now start at the same time (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday).

Changes are already in the calendar!

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D&D Encounters : Legacy of the Crystal Shard


Evil Stirs in Icewind Dale
The people of Icewind Dale have long stood against the perils of the North. For most of these folk, the events that shook the region a hundred years ago are now distant memories. But what was defeated was not destroyed, and the sinister influence of the Crystal Shard, Crenshinibon, has now wormed its way into the very land of Icewind Dale. As evil forces converge on Ten Towns, the people of the North face their greatest trial yet. Fortunately, they won’t have to face it alone.
( Wizards of the Coast )

Check out Twenty Sided Store’s Adventure Journal
Written by Ken Breese (aka Berling’s Beard)
in the voice of Beorne Steelstrike.

and… thanks to Team DM!

The Sundering
Intro Session 0
Launch Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Session 9
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12

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Settlers of Catan Tournament for Official Game Board

(Image courtesy

Ahoy fair residents of Catan! There is a new board out there for you, waiting to keep your hexes and roads all in place. This Sunday, January 26th, we’re hosting our monthly Settlers of Catan tournament. First place will be this awesome new officially licensed Catan Gaming Board!

Date: Sunday, January, 26th 2014
Signup: 12:30pm
Starts: 1pm
Entry: $5
Prizes: Store credit and Catan Gaming Board

Make sure to check out the awesome Kickstarter project for this board.

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Born of the Gods Prerelease

Born of the Gods is just around the corner! The second set of Theros block continues the theme of ancient Greek mythology. Expect to see exciting new planeswalkers and gods in this the 63rd (!!) Magic expansion.

Prerelease, February 1st & 2nd

Sign up in-store or at:

We will be running events starting Friday at midnight and wrapping up Sunday evening. Our 2013 renovations have given us plenty of seating – though, these events still sell out!

February 1st, 2014
Friday, Midnight: Sealed, $25
Saturday, 9am: Sealed, $25
Saturday, 3pm: Sealed: $25
Saturday, 8:30pm: Two Headed Giant Sealed, $50 (per team)

February 2nd, 2014
Sunday, 10am: Sealed, $25
Sunday, 4pm: Sealed, $25

What You Get in the Prerelease

For each event, you will receive a Seeded Prerelease Pack. This pack will contain:

  • 1 Seeded Born of the Gods booster, containing cards of your destiny / color choice
  • 2 Born of the Gods boosters
  • 3 Theros Booster packs
  • Promo Card
  • Activity Card
  • Hero Card
  • Spindown Life Counter

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Top 10 Gift-able Games

The Twenty Sided Store’s Top 10 Gift-able Games
by Giaco Furino

From the casual gamer to the hardcore enthusiast, we’ve got something for everyone at the Twenty Sided Store. Here’s a list of some of our favorite, easiest-to-gift board games, roleplaying games, and Magic: The Gathering products.

In no particular order….

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