International Table Top Day 2014

Hey Game Lovers! This Saturday, April 5th, is the day for boardgames.

It’s International Tabletop Day, a worldwide event created by the brains behind Geek & Sundry and their YouTube series TableTop (feat. Will Wheaton and Felicia Day).

International Tabletop Day is your chance to come and play tons of games!
Where: Twenty Sided Store
When: Saturday April 5th – ALL DAY @ 11am – 11pm
Cost: FREE

We will be showcasing new games and tons of old favorites! Come play as many games as you can and have more fun than should be legally allowed (even for a Saturday).

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PAX East 2014 Dungeons & Dragons Confrontation at Candlekeep

PAX East & Twenty Sided Store present Dungeons & Dragons Confrontation at Candlekeep,
a two hour, multi-table, level 2 adventure, originally featured at Gen Con 2013.

LOCATION : Booth C201 – C204

Friday 4/11
3:00pm – 5:30pm : Session 1 : Player cap 36
6:00pm – 8:30pm : Session 2 : Player cap 18

Saturday 4/12
10:30am – 1:00pm : Session 3 : Player cap 30
1:30pm – 4:00pm : Session 4 : Player cap 30
6:00pm – 8:30pm : Session 5 : Player cap 30

Sunday 4/13
10:00am – 12:30pm : Session 6 : Player Cap 36

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Submission for Cube Draft League

Make sure you’ve read all the details on Cube Draft League before submitting!

We’re really excited to offer this opportunity to you. Cube is one of our favorite formats, and we’ve always been trying to figure out how to make more cube drafts happen that fit within our regular events schedule.

Cube Draft League needs to support at most 16 players each week. That means that the Cube Designer can either submit:
1) 720 card cube (16 players * 3 packs / player * 15 cards / pack = 720 cards)
2) Two 360 card cubes (above / 2)

- All types of submissions are welcome: powered, unpowered, pauper – whatever you like to draft!
- Typical cube construction, singleton cards only
- No proxies are allowed
- All English cards are highly preferred
- Card alters are acceptable
- Oracle text being on the card is preferred, however
- Offensive card alters are strictly prohibited

Submission Times

We are currently scheduling May, June and July. For this time period we will select unique people, i.e. one person can’t have a cube selected each time (even if they are different cubes – let’s give everyone a chance!). Naturally new Magic sets will be coming out during these times, so we have leeway with exact card lists.

Cube Designers can submit multiple entries, however, only one at most can be accepted.

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Twenty Sided Cube Draft League

Starting this April our ALT.Draft program is switching to a Cube Draft League.

Each month Twenty Sided Store will feature a cube designed by one of our players. For an entire month, you can come draft that cube every Monday. The designer will get up to $150 store credit for providing his / her cube for the month!

We’ll have our regular prize payout of one booster pack per match win. In addition, the top two players at the end of the month will win store credit!

We’ll also have Players’ Choice awards. At the end of the month, participating players will submit ballots to select winners for fun bragging rights awards!

When: Mondays, 7pm signup, 7:30pm start
Entry: $10 each week, 4 week League Pass $35
How many players: max 16 each week
Prize support: 1 pack per match win, Top 2 month long performers, Players’ Choice awards

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Saturday Night Eternal Magic League

Want your GP hotel paid for by the store? Want to win that Judge foil Dark Confidant in the case? Well, start playing in our Saturday Night Eternal Magic League!

Three Saturday nights a month (Prereleases and other special events excepted), we’ll have highly competitive eternal Magic tournaments. Formats will rotate between sanctioned Modern, Legacy and Vintage (yes, Vintage). The buy-in will be higher, but the top-end prize payout will be great.

- Each tournament will have 32 spots available.
- Entry is $30 per event, $25 if you signup early
- Signups will be done entirely in advance

Signing Up

For each event, signups will be done entirely in advance. We’ll start taking in-store presignups on the Monday and Tuesday preceding the tournament. You’ll receive a $5 Early Bird Discount for signing up Monday or Tuesday. Online and in-store signups will be available Wednesday through Friday for $30. Signups will close at midnight on Friday.

Sign up online here:


Date / Format / First Place Prize

April 12th, 2014: Modern, 1x each Zendikar fetchland results
April 19th, 2014: Vintage, Judge Foil Dark Confidant
May 10th, 2014: Modern, Foil Tarmogoyf
May 17th, 2014: Legacy, Foil Stoneforge Mystic
May 31st, 2014: Vintage, Guru Island
June 7th, 2014: Modern, Foil MMA Dark Confidant
June 14th, 2014: Legacy, FTV: 20 and artist signed Foil Deathrite Shaman
June 28th, 2014: Vintage, 1x Flooded Strand and Polluted Delta

Non-first place records of X-1 for each event is $100 store credit.

Card prizes are subject to change. Changes will only be higher in retail price.

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