Metal Monday - Over the Wall (1987)

Metal Monday - Over the Wall (1987)

Testament - Over the Wall (1987)

Testament was one of my favorite bands through middle school and early high school. Between probably over-listening to them (I have fond memories of listening to my Practice What You Preach tape on repeat [auto-reverse] while playing King's Quest VI) and exposure to other bands and music, my interest in the band waned.

The one album that always struck a chord with me was their first album, The Legacy. I think it's one of the best Bay Area Thrash albums made.

This track, Over the Wall, is one of my favorite tracks on The Legacy. It has plenty of what I am looking for in 80s thrash, tons of palm-muted Es, power chords, gallops and some slick Alex Skolnick solo-ing (apparently a Brooklyn native these days).

I highly recommend checking out the whole album, especially the closing track, Apocalyptic City.

About Metal Monday

Luis discovered metal sometime while in Catholic middle school - born of part rebellion and some incurable urge to hear as many palm muted low e-strings as possible - metal became an obsession of his as a teenager.

Metal Monday's is our chance every week to headbang with all of you (if that's your thing).

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