Mixtape - Baby's on Fire

Mixtape - Baby's on Fire

The Venus in the Furs - Baby's on Fire

I've been listening to this cover and the original Brian Eno version an unbelievable amount lately. Maybe it's because of the memories of seeing Velvet Goldmine at the old McCarren Pool summer screenings? Who knows. I do know that this cover and the original are awesome!

For the longest time, I thought this was Thom Yorke on vocals which NEVER made sense to me. My confusion stemmed from him doing The Venus in the Furs vocals for 2HB and Ladytron. Handy Wikipedia tells me that actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the frontman for this one. All makes sense again.

Brian Eno - Baby's on Fire

P.S. Velvet Goldmine is currently streaming on Netflix!

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