Mixtape - I Can't Hang & Movin' On

Mixtape - I Can't Hang & Movin' On

Ovens - I Can't Hang

I have no idea how I even first heard about this band. I do remember their 44 song, self-titled album being in my collection, and I kept listening to it! Pretty much every song by this band is perfect in some way.

This is the description of the band from their label, tUMULt:

...super rocking, punky here and there, metal once in a while, but always total pure pop genius, with lyrics about doing drugs, getting fired, falling down the stairs, getting hurt, how much they suck and how their songs all sound the same, doing more drugs, all delivered by a vocalist that sounds uncannily like the skinny John from They Might Be Giants! Acoustic guitars, wild shredding leads, buzzing distorted chug, warm wheezing keyboards, fluttery flutes, incredible harmonies, and HOOKS like you wouldn't believe. These guys accomplish more in 30 seconds than most pop bands can pull off over the course of a full album. And they accomplish more in these 44 songs than most bands manage in their whole careers.

I couldn't agree more!

Ovens - Movin' On

Do yourself a favor and get everything you can by this band. It's worth it!

Wait, one more! (Tony Molina to my knowledge was basically the Ovens.)

Tony Molina - Breakin' Up

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