Mixtape - In the City

Mixtape - In the City

The Jam - In the City

Summertime jams continue! Walk around Brooklyn on a sunny summer day and this song will have you in the best of moods.

Wikipedia has this tidbit about the song, which I found interesting:

In May 2002, Polydor Records decided to commemorate the 25th anniversary of The Jam by re-releasing their debut single in its original packaging, in its original 7" vinyl record format and at its original price of 75 pence. The limited pressing sold out immediately, and the song made the Top 40 one more time, peaking at #36; higher than it ever did in its original release and two subsequent reissues. It became the first single to chart in the UK Top 40 based alone on limited edition 7" sales since the late 1970s. Only one single ("Freakin' Out" by Graham Coxon) has since charted in the UK Top 40 alone on limited edition 7" single sales.

It also has no citation for that, so, queue Michael Scott:

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