1st Annual Scavenger Hunt 2017

Twenty Sided Scavenger Hunt 2017

Dragons Will Prevail

Long lost to legend and hearsay, the fire of the Dragons of the world have all sputtered out. You and your friends have heard a tale convincing enough to lead you to believe that there was once, actual living breathing, Dragons.

Unfold the Mystery of the Dragons!

Teams will find clues and complete challenges. Points will be tallied, winners will be awarded, and there will be an after party.

Gather Your Team!

Team Size : 3 - 5 people
*All participants must be 21+


$30 per person

Sweet Prizes!

Participating Local Businesses:

Bedford Cheese Shop
Brick Theater
Brooklyn Charm
Crest Hardware & Garden Center
Desert Island Comics
Full Circle Bar
Geek Forest
Ghost Robot
KCDC Skate Shop
Lodge Resturant
NiteHawk Cinema / Low Res Bar
Pete's Print Shop
Quimby's Bookstore
Taco Chulo

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