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Mad Science Foundation | Cryptozoic Games


This past weekend we had Sharang Biswas and Max Seidman in the store to Spotlight their new game Mad Science Foundation.

We began the event playing games. We played MSF as well as other featured games published by Cryptozoic - Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards and Spyfall.

Cryptozoic sent us some sweet swag to give away. Congratulations to Stephanie for winning the signed copy Mad Science Foundation!

Afterwards Max and Sharang talked a bit about what went into their game design and answered a bunch of questions from the audience.

Here are some of the details that I found most interesting:

  • Sharang & Max created Mad Science Foundation in one month as part of a game design competition, and won!

  • They attended an event for designers and publishers that was a lot like a speed dating. That is where they first connected with Cryptozoic, the publisher of the game.

  • Max and Sharang are proud of the fact that their specific requests regarding the art depictions of diversity in race, class, and gender were actualized.

Check out what the game looked like in it's first iteration:

For those of you who missed the event this weekend, it is not too late to check out Mad Science Foundation - Cryptozoic's New Game by Sharang Biswas and Max Seidman - now available for $24.99 at Twenty Sided Store.

Follow Max & Sharang on Twitter:
@SharangBiswas @MaxGamesSeidman #MSFGame

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