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Gaming & Gastronmy Flyer

Presented by Dwarven Forge and Twenty Sided Store

Roberta's Pizza

Thursday, Oct 15, 4pm - 10pm

Join us for this Fall Festival under Roberta's back yard tent. Play games, meet the designers, eat pizza and drink beer.

Costumes a must!!

Dungeons & Dragons

Play Dungeons & Dragons with Stefan Pokorny, creator of Dwarven Forge, and the Twenty Sided Store Team DM.

There will be 4 tables set up with Dwarven Forge premium dungeon tiles. Whether you are a veteran role-player or you are trying it out for the first time, you won't want to miss out on this experience!

Dwarven Forge Feature Table

4pm - 10pm
DM: Stefan Pokorny, the creator of Dwarven Forge always has something special up his sleeve. What ever it is, you can bet his table will be old school D&D and very deadly!

Dwarven Forge - Tavern & Sewers

Taverns & Sewers

4pm - 6pm & 8pm - 10pm
DM: Richard Ruane
System: Advanced World of Dungeons
Game Description:
It's been a week since "that strange night" at The Coldgate Inn where the guests and staff disappeared (or maybe worse: the rumors were gruesome and the guards won't talk). The locals have avoided the place ever since, but no matter what happens, your employers want something that still there, inside and probably hidden.

Can you find it and get out before you join those who mysteriously disappeared?

6pm - 8pm
DM: Lauren Bilanko
System: Home Brew D&D, Rules Light
Game Description:
In the City if Valoria, ... [TBD]

Dwarven Forge - Volcano & Lava

Volcano and Lava

4pm - 6pm
DM: Lauren Bilanko
System: Home Brew D&D, Rules Light
In the City if Valoria, ... [TBD]

6pm - 8pm & 8pm - 10pm
DM: Ken Breese
System: D&D 5th ed.
Fire Walk
A powerful artifact lost, a magical portal to another dimension, and a fiery journey that will test the mettle of stalwart adventurers. Plumb the depths of mystery, gain glory and gold in the fantastical city of Valoria!

* No Experience Necessary!!! A learn-to-play adventure using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Dwarven Forge - Caverns & Catacombs

Caverns & Catacombs

4pm - 6pm & 6pm - 8pm
DM: Chris Wood
System: Hackmaster
Hackmaster is old-school gaming with a new-school twist.

Dargrum Silverbeard, a dwarven dignitary, has had a priceless artifact stolen from him by a member of the Crypt-Keeper gang. The thief fled into the graveyard and the safety of his clan, or so he thought. Silverbeard has sought you out to venture into Crypt-Keeper territory and retrieve his property.

8pm - 10pm
DM: Lisa Reinke
System: D&D 5th Ed.
You've been hired to deliver a sentient cake to a lich wedding. Good luck with that.

Dwarven Forge - Harvestfest

4pm - 10pm
DM: Jim Keleher
System: D&D 5th ed. - simplified
The town of Napol was abuzz with activity in anticipations of Harvestfest. The crop had been good this year, the Gods kind. Several days shy of the full moon and the inns and taverns were full to overflowing already. A small tent-city had sprung up just outside the high walls. Farmers mostly, making their yearly sojourn to “the city” to celebrate and take a much needed holiday after the toil of harvest and before having to prepare for the freeze.

The first night of the festival is called “Duke’s Treat”, when one hundred casks of ale, mead, and wine are distributed throughout the city, all on the Duke Radcliffe’s tab. Revelers take to the streets in fanciful costumes and lose themselves singing and dancing and, of course, drinking! The stage is set for merriment, overindulgence, and perhaps a dash of adventure!

Game Designer Spotlight

Space Cadets: Away Missions

Space Cadets: Away Missions

4pm - 10pm
Designer: Dan Raspler
Space Cadets: Away Missions is a cooperative, scenario-based, tactical action game for 1-6 players, set in the Golden Age of science fiction. In this cooperative/team space-themed game from Stronghold Games, players take on the roles of adventurous human spacemen who explore UFOs, acquire Alien technology and fight hostile extraterrestrials.

Each turn, spacemen have three action points to spend on activities such as firing their atomic rifles, analyzing exotic equipment, or subduing the malicious Brain-in-a-Jar. When the spacemen are finished, the aliens take their turns by following simple movement and combat protocols; seven types of hostile aliens threaten the players, from the repulsive mind leeches to the rampaging titanic sentinels.

Space Cadets: Away Missions contains twenty scenarios linked in a campaign story. Each mission features different combinations of aliens on different spaceships, with hexagonal map tiles arranged to form flying saucers, rocket ships, space stations, etc. Cooperation, tactical planning and good dice are essential if the spacemen hope to overcome the relentless horde of little green men.



4pm - 6pm
Designer: Tim Rodriguez
OmegaZone is a roleplaying game of bizarre monsters, mutants, and aliens adventuring in a wacky post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. It's designed for quick character creation and adventure design. We'll make it all happen at the table!

Come for the post-apocalypse, stay for the pop-culture puns!

Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies


6pm - 10pm
Designer: Bryan Wilson
Win trophies for making up funny movie titles! Schmovie is all about creativity, humor, and laugh-out-loud fun for the whole family. What would you call an Action Film about a Mutant Sandwich? Players might write titles such as “Alien vs. Breadator”, "The SandWITCH", or “Beauty and the Beef”. Playing with adults only? Schmovie can be as tame or as wild as you’d like. Have more than six players? Break into teams!

Who needs movie night… when you’ve got Schmovie night?!

Ulimate Battle


8pm - 10pm
Designer: Tim O'Reilly
Ultimate Battle is a creative party game for 2-6 players. Using your hand of random stuff, come up with an idea for an attack - the more creative the better - if your opponent can't think of a way out, you win!

Creativity, doodling and crazy combinations like Porcu-goat (porcupine+goat) or Lava-badger make for good times. Check it out - it's fun, fast and easy!

Learn to Paint

The awesome people who hand paint Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles will be hosting painting lessons. There will be a limited selection of free minis or you can purchase a mini from the Twenty Sided Merch Table and join in the fun!

Twenty Sided Merch Table

Twenty Sided Store will have your gaming needs covered. We will be selling Board Games so you can have them signed by the designers, MTG Booster Packs for a pick-up Draft or Sealed game at one of the open gaming tables, RPG Books, dice, accessories, paints/brushes, and more!

Craft Specialists

La China Loca Hats

There will also be a merch table featuring hand-made custom armor/jewelry by Alan Crosby, as well as La China Loca custom fitted hats.

Photo Booth w/ Fuchs Projects

Make sure to come dressed up in your best Cosplay or Halloween costume. You will definitely want to gather your friends and get your photo taken by our wonderful photographer, Rafael Fuchs.

Raffle and Contests

Oh and did I mention there will be a costume contest... and that every beer you purchase you will get a free raffle ticket...

Raffle drawings will be every two hours(6pm, 8pm, 10pm)
for your chance to win Dwarven Forge Dungeon tile sets & Twenty Sided Store Gift Cards.

At 10pm we will announce the Costume Contest Winners!
1st Place - Custom Hat by La China Loca
2nd Place - Dwarven Forge Set
3rd Place - $20 Twenty Sided Gift Card

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