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MTG Booster Packs

We’re gearing up for Battle for Zendikar and have some exciting pricing on boosters. Starting today, the following is in effect for in-print, Standard legal, Magic: The Gathering boosters:

Compare Packs Price Savings
Booster Pack 1 $4.00 0%
Draft Set 3 $9.99 17%
Draft Kit (2 player) 6 $19.49 19%
Sealed Kit (2 player) 12 $37.99 21%
Draft Kit (6-8 players) 24 $74.99 22%

Draft Kit (1 player) - 1 Draft Set, 3 packs for $9.99

Draft Set

Looking for three packs so you can hop into tonight’s team draft? Looking to do a wacky full Khans block draft? We’ve got you covered!

Draft Kit (2 players), 6 packs for $19.49

Draft Kit for Two

There are a ton of great two person draft formats and our 6 pack special is perfect for these. Here are some common ones:

  • Solomon Draft
  • Winston Draft
  • Winchester Draft

Sealed Kit (2 players), 12 packs for $37.99

Sealed Kit for Two

Want to crack open a ton of packs AND build some decks? Sealed is perfect for you. Each player gets six packs to build a forty card deck.

Draft Kit (6-8 players), 24 packs $74.99

Draft Kit

Running your own draft? 24 packs is enough for an eight person draft (3 packs x 8 players =24 packs) or a six person draft with booster pack prize support!

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