Magic Origins Launch Party

The prerelease may have come and gone, but our Magic Origins Launch Party is just around the corner! Each participant will receive a promo Mizzium Melder for playing in this event. Signup now!

Promo Mizzium Melder

Splinter Twin, watch out!

Format: Sealed, 4 rounds of Swiss
Check-In: 1:30pm
Deckbuilding Starts: 2pm
Prize Payout:
4-0: 8 packs
3-0-1: 6 packs
3-1: 4 packs
2-1-1: 3 packs
2-2: 2 packs
< 2 match wins: 1 pack

Also beware of supercharged, floating Twenty Sided Store logos when playing with this card!

Twenty Sided Meddler

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