Standard League FAQ

We've got a new Twenty Sided Standard League starting up. Here are some frequently asked questions about it!

What if I can’t make every session?

It’s ok to miss a session! You can have a friend fill in for you for that week. If you cannot find a substitute, you will receive a loss for each of your matches that week.

One caveat is the final session of the league. If you miss that session and would otherwise advance to the Top 4, your spot will be awarded to the next in line.

Are these matches sanctioned?

Due to this unique tournament and session structure, sessions will be sanctioned as casual. Seasonal Planeswalker points will not be awarded.

What Rules Enforcement Level (REL) will you use?

Despite being sanctioned as casual, we will be treating each match as though it is Competitive REL.

This league is meant to be competitive (yet FRIENDLY!) and most importantly as real-world testing against a wide variety of decks.

Wait, I can win a box for being nice to fellow Magic players?!

Yes! At Twenty Sided Store we firmly believe that being competitive and being friendly are NOT mutually exclusive. We want to tangibly reward being nice to community members!

Standard?! I want [insert format]!

We know! We have a lot of public play event ideas in the queue. Standard is the most accessible competitive format and is the easiest way for us to get unique ideas like this off the ground.

You can always book the space on virtually any night of the week to organize your own game night!

Feel free to email any other questions to

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