Thanksgiving Weekend Retail Deals

Turkey day is here and we are celebrating with an awesome deal.

Gifts for your Family and Friends

Pick up gifts for your family and friends (and maybe splurge a bit on yourself)!

  • Buy $50 worth of retail product, get 25% off your next item
  • Buy $100 worth of retail product, get 50% off your next item
  • Buy $150 worth of retail product, get 25% off and 50% off of your next two items
  • Buy $300 worth of retail product, get 25% off, 50% off, 100% off of your next three items.

We know that last one will be tough to hit, but anything is up for grabs with that free tiem. D&D White Box Reprint, Eclipse, or Fortune of Glory for free?... Anything is possible!

Just a heads up that Magic Singles and MTG Booster Packs are not part of this deal. We've got some other sweet Magic: The Gathering specials for this weekend!

Free Gift-Wrapping

Lauren and co. will be headlining our team of holiday gift wrappers! She puts a great touch to any gift.

Fortunately, I (Luis) will be up front answering questions and ringing folks up. You don't want me wrapping your gifts! Occassionally my attempts at wrapping involve copious amounts of tape and not enough paper...

Lauren's wrapping will not disappoint!

Saturday and Sunday Game Demos

Check out the back room! We'll have staff on hand showing you how to play games. It's a perfect opppotunity to see some games unboxed you have been meaning to check out.

Stay tuned for more details!

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