Tune In Tuesday

Tune in Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Tune In to this series where I will be broadcasting weekly updates on what we have going on and what games we are super excited about.

I will talk about upcoming events, new game releases, back in stock games, and even some glimpses behind the scenes.

Twenty Sided Store - New Layout Panoramic

August Recap

For the month of August, Luis and I have been making great progress refurbishing the store and updating operational procedures. We expanded our retail and had our best month in retail sales all year!

We created a new website and are working towards providing better online tools for buying and selling Magic card singles, ordering board games, and registering for events.

Behind the scenes, we have been busy laying hard wood flooring in the back, organizing our work space, expanding our MTG card catalogue to make room for Battle for Zendikar and future MTG set releases, clearing out our basement for (hopefully) a work shop, as well as working with our landlord to take care of some major building maintenance crucial to us hosting events.

I know many of you are freaking out because we have not been running events this month. The rumors have gotten out of control, so before all the preconceived notions run rampant let me answer the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the person who maintains your Event Calendar on vacation?

No. We intentionally are not running events this month so Luis and I can dedicate our time and energy to updating and refurbishing the store. We will be posting updates weekly so keep checking the Calendar.

2. Will you be running events again?

Absolutely! We are making good progress, and when we are finished we will be able to offer more types of events than ever before!

3. Will you have __________ event?

Yes! Yes! Yes! With the new event structure I will be able to say YES way more often and accommodate all kinds of requests!

For those of you who are used to the way we booked events in the past:

  • We will no longer have multiple events happening simultaneously.
  • To accommodate more types of events more often, we will no longer dedicate every night to a specific event.
  • The new space will be private and more comfortable.
  • The events will have dedicated event staff to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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4. Are you running the Battle for Zendikar Prerelease?

Unfortunately, no. We intended to, but two days ago we realized there was no possible way we would be ready in time and had to make the call with our Prerelease distributor yesterday.

5. The store looks great so far! I noticed you expanded the retail space, are you still buying and selling MTG Singles?

Thanks! The layout is coming together. We still want to squeeze in a puzzle section, more indie RPGs, fun gaming accessories, and new MTG singles display cases.

We have also expanded our storage for MTG singles and have already started to implement the first steps to getting our collection digitized. So, YES we are buying and selling more MTG Singles than ever before! Get a Card Quote now...

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