Tune In Tuesday

Tune In Tuesday

Behind The Scenes

This has been a super productive week. ServPro took care of Stage 1 of Landlord Building Maintenance. For 3 days they removed 2 full truck loads of funkiness out of our basement storage. They power-washed the walls and used air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to make it safe for humans! This crew was top notch. I learned the best way to put up a plastic tarp - information crucial to speeding up prep for sanding the floors.

Stage 2 of Landlord Building Maintenance started yesterday. We had to close for a day so the exterminator could fumigate the building. Our Landlord has now scheduled monthly service with a licensed contractor (Tony from Esquire - you rock! ) to take preventative measures against pests.

Hopefully Stage 3 of Landlord Building Maintenance can begin this week. We are expecting an electrician to do some rewiring and plumbers to make sure water is properly draining into all the right areas, i.e. not our store!

Once that work is finished, we can give the basement a fresh paint job, install lighting, and set up workstations. I am definitely looking forward to printing more custom playmats and RPG zines, as well as setting up a sewing studio for custom dice bags, tote bags, capes and more!

If you have been by the store lately, you may have noticed an all new set up behind the register. For the past two weeks I have been testing layouts for optimal workflow - creating a set up efficient for one person working alone that can accommodate extra staff when it is busy.

Yesterday Luis added some code to our new digital Magic Card Quote to speed things up. When you submit your Card Quote, the invoice is automatically generated, with all the information you submitted ready to start pricing (yes, we're still pricing things manually - automation coming soon).

Card Quote Auto Generates Invoice

Stay tuned... a new buylist interface is in the works as well.

New Game Releases

Takenoko Expansion : Chibis

Takenoko Chibis expands the base game with the addition of a female panda and baby pandas, along with new titles, cards, and bamboo pieces.

Tragedy Looper Expansion: Midnight Circle

Midnight Circle includes 2 new Tragedy sets: Midnight Zone and Mystery Circle. Midnight Zone focuses on tricking the player's senses with lies and misdirection. Mystery Circle removes the supernatural elements from Tragedy Looper, creating a logic and deduction game.

Code of Nine

Card-based bluffing/deduction game with a sci-fi theme. In Code of Nine you play a robot that has just woken up after the end of humanity. You have pieces of a human memory, and the other players have the other pieces. You play to piece together the memory as best you can.


A bidding game with some drafting mechanics and an intrigue theme. The Throne of the Abyss is now vacant, and all the players are vying for it.

Heroes of Normandie

Heroes of Normandie is a miniature war game without the miniatures. Made for two players to fight it out as Germans and Americans in WWII, inspired heavily by old war films.

D&D Icons of the Realms : Rage of Demons

New D&D Minis for the New D&D season! Check out our blind booster boxes (4 random minis) or select from one of the singles.

Legendary Encounters : Predator

Legendary Encounters: Predator is a deck building game based on the Predator franchise. This is a stand alone game but can be fully integrated with Legendary Encounters : Alien. In Predator, you can play as the humans for a co-op game or as the predators for a competitive game.

Fluxx Expansion : Dice

Fluxx Dice expansion can be added to any Fluxx game. There are 2 dice. On your turn, roll the dice to determine how many cards you draw and how many you play. There are also 3 bonus cards: a creeper, a keeper, and an action.


Codenames is a party game of one word clues. Two spymasters know the identity of 25 secret agents, but their team only know the agents by their codenames. They need to make contact with all their agents before the assassin takes them out.

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