Tune In Tuesday

Tune In Tuesday

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Rare celestial events, like the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse happening this Sunday, have a way of making me think about life.

I work so much and most of my friends have moved out of the city or are incredibly busy with their own businesses, work, life, etc. This week two of my best friends have been helping me with projects at the store. Tedious organizational tasks no longer feel like work. Everyday this week I have had a chance to gossip and catch up while being simultaneously super productive.

I truly believe that, as humans, we are all connected within the universe. The moods, feelings, and vibes that we emit into the ethos everyday touch everyone and have a way of transmitting messages. Just think about all those times when you felt like your ears were ringing when you had a thought about someone and then you got text from them or you ran into them unexpectedly.

When this project started, I kept wishing I could ask two friends for help, but one was living in another country and the other was opening up his own coffee shop. Then, just this week, one moved back to Brooklyn and the other, waiting on paperwork, wanted to help out. Some may call this a coincidence, but I am convinced this is synchronicity.

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Pass The Blame

Pass the Blame The Party Game For Irresponsible Adults

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