Tune In Tuesday

Tune In Tuesday This weekend I had the pleasure of talking business with both my cousin Larry, Erie Street Cafe, and my parents, Ivéta Cafe while they were passing through New York. It is great to have generations of experience to bounce ideas off of, and reassuring to know that the challenges Luis and I face everyday are pretty common place when you own your own business. When the Bilanko’s and Lenzi’s get together you can better believe it’s all shop talk. My cousin had not seen my dad in over 20 years, yet it felt like old times.

After weeks of preparation, we finally got the floors sanded, primed, and stained. The first of 3 coats of polyurethane go on tonight and by next week, after a 6 day set time, we should be able to start assembling the permanent work space and game play space.

Check out the pictures!
Floors 1 Floors 2 Floors 3 Floors 4

New Game Releases

Descriptions will be added soon...

Flip City Vye Evolution Expansion : Flight and Camel Up Expansion : Supercup Numera : Into the night Titians Grave : The Ashes of Valkana The One Ring : Tales from Wilderland Smashup Munchkin Firefly Expansion : Kalidasa The Science Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book Minuscule Munchkin : The Nightmare Before Christmas The King is Dead Schmovie Space Cadets : Away Missions

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