Tune In Tuesday

Tune In Tuesday

I am going to keep this short this week. I am moving my office, so every chance I get at a computer has been getting events up on our registration page for November. I will go into more details about what great things you can look forward to in our new event space, as well as post an extensive Board Game review next week.

Keep refreshing this page as more events will be added within the next week or so.

Since Halloween is this weekend already I wanted to get up Saturday's events first.

Innastrad Draft

12pm - 4pm
Last week I asked for a vote - ISD or BFZ Draft. ISD won!
Eventbrite - MTG Halloween Draft

D&D Scenic Dunnsmouth

5pm - 9pm
Eventbrite - D&D Halloween Special Event

Anyone wearing a horror themed costume will be eligible some awesome discounts!

Other Events up now...

D&D Encounters : Out of the Abyss

Eventbrite - D&D Encounters : Out of the Abyss - Season Pass

MTG FNM Draft : November

Eventbrite - MTG FNM DRAFT - November

Stay Tuned for more events in November, on our events page.

Updated Booking Forms

Check out the updated booking page for more information on booking events or volunteering for our public events.

Join Team 20ss!

I am looking for experienced Judges and Game Facilitators for Board Game events and Tournaments.

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