Twenty Sided Scavenger Hunt 2017 | Dragons Will Prevail

September 2nd, 2017 Twenty Sided Store held it's 1st Annual Scavenger Hunt | Dragons Will Prevail.

12 teams, 52 people, and 16 stores participated in this hunt for the dragon egg.

The winning team, Carrion Creeps, hired by the archeologists to find the dragon egg and put it in a museum for all to admire were successful in their mission!

1st Place

Carrion Creeps

2nd Place

No Laughing Tiamatter

Runners Up!

Dragon w/ The Girl Tattoo
Richard & The Vicious Mockery
Umm, Actually It's Called a Wyvern
Sir Gawainus
Lost'n Found
Les Bad Guys
Handy in My Camry
Birthday Questers for Dragon Cake


Participating Businesses who made this event a success!
Bedford Cheese Shop
Brick Theater
Brooklyn Charm
Crest Hardware & Garden Center
Desert Island Comics
Full Circle Bar
Geek Forest
Ghost Robot
KCDC Skate Shop
Lodge Resturant
NiteHawk Cinema / Low Res Bar
Pete's Print Shop
Quimby's Bookstore
Taco Chulo
Twenty Sided Store

Check out the Photos!


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