Twenty Sided Standard League

Delta and Strand

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We are excited to announce the first of our new competitive Magic event programming! Our Standard League is a 16 player Round Robin tournament played out over 4 sessions in 4 weeks.

We’ve got some great prizes lined up for this event!

League Overview

  • 16 players, cut to Top 4
  • Round Robin tournament (everyone plays everyone)
  • 3.5 weeks (4 sessions)
  • Total Prizes: 11 BFZ boxes, 48 KTK fetches, Participation Promo, weekly undefeated card prizes
  • $99.99 per player (covers all sessions)
  • Digital Decklists
  • Fellowship Gamer Award

Schedule & Sessions

  • Session 1: Tuesday, November 17th, 7pm, 4 rounds
  • Session 2: Tuesday, November 24th, 7pm, 4 rounds
  • Session 3: Tuesday, December 1st, 7pm, 4 rounds
  • Session 4: Friday, December 4th, 7pm, 3 rounds + Top 4

Check-in starts at 6:00pm. The game play space will not be available prior to that.

We will NOT be using Swiss pairings. Each round is 50 minutes. Due to knowing your opponents in advance for that evening, you are welcome to start your rounds early!

Buying Cards

  • Submit card requests 24 hours a day via our Card Quote form
  • Card requests must be received before 4:00pm the day of a session
  • Approve card prices by 5:00pm to ensure they are pulled for the event

Digital Decklists

You can register a unique deck for each session. Your deck must be submitted no later than 6:00pm the evening of the session.

Google Sheets

We will be using Google Sheets to submit decklists. As such, you must have an active Google account (free) to edit and submit this document.

Paper decklists will not be accepted.

Submitting electronically will reduce deck registration errors and increase the speed at which we can get decklists posted online!

Weekly Prize Distribution

  • 3 packs per match win
  • 1 pack per draw
  • Packs not awarded due to draws are raffled at the end of the session
  • Prize card for going undefeated (announced weekly: tournament playable Mythics / Rares)

If you play in all rounds of all sessions, you will be awarded a participation promo. The promos will be great! Think Game Day Top 8 quality promos.

Top 4 Prize

  • 1st Place: 4x all KTK fetches (20 cards total) + Playmat
  • 2nd Place: choice of any three KTK 4x fetches (12 total)
  • 3rd-4th Place: choice of 4x Bloodstained Mire, 4x Wooded Foothills or 4x Windswept Heath (8 total)

Fellowship Gamer Award

At the end of the Round Robin tournament, everyone will place a private vote for the player who demonstrated tremendous sportsmanship throughout the four weeks. This could be someone who took losses extremely well, won with class, gave insightful tips on how to play a matchup or maybe lent cards to someone else in need.

The player who wins this award receives a booster box of Battle for Zendikar!

Additional prizes will be awarded for Honorable Mentions!


To determine the Top 4 cleanly, the following tie-breakers will be used:

  • Head-to-Head matchup
  • Most game wins (throughout tournament)
  • Fewest game losses (throughout tournament)
  • Fellowship Gamer votes

If no winner can be determined (unlikely!), a playoff match will ensue.

Top 4 Matches

The Top 4 will consist of best of three games. You will have access to your opponents' decklist.


Check our FAQ about this League.

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