Prerelease | Throne of Eldraine - Oct 2019

Prerelease | Throne of Eldraine - Oct 2019

Throne of Eldraine is almost here! Sign up for Prerelease Weekend before all of the spots fill up!

Prerelease events at Twenty Sided Store are all about introducing, celebrating, and opening up the new set in a fun social setting! Starting Friday 9/27, and continuing through the weekend, we’ll have nonstop Magic events to welcome Throne of Eldraine into our collections. 

Grab a friend to play in the Saturday Two Headed Giant @ 1:30 pm. 
Or sign up for one of the many Sealed events all weekend.
And, as always, make sure you check out our event policy information.

Throne of Eldraine marks a changing point in Magic the Gathering. This new set will see the launch of a new theme, new art, and Collector’s Packs! We’ll unbox all of that for you below. 

New Theme


Camelot meets Grimms’ fairy tales - Throne of Eldraine dives deep into medieval imagery and brings a fun, and sometimes menacing, spin to classic fairy tales. 

New Artwork

The Magic team has also unveiled three new types of card art that you can find in this set! Furthermore, they’ve increased the frequency of foil cards to 33.4% from 22.5% as it was previously. 

Borderless Planeswalkers


These cards feature the same text and rules of classic Planeswalkers, but features new art that reaches to the edge of the card!

Extended Art Frames


Found only in the Collector’s Booster Packs, these rare and mythic rare cards have art that runs along the full extent of the card.

Showcase Frames

These frames will relate thematically to each set, and in Throne of Eldraine are tied to a new mechanic. This is the image of a card without the showcase frame…

And this is with the showcase frame…

Pretty cool!


Collector’s Packs

One of the most prominent changes in this set is the introduction of Collector’s Packs. These boosters are aimed at those looking to collect higher valued cards


    Preorder From Us

    We currently have Preorders up for the following:

    Throne of Eldraine Booster Boxes

    Features 12 Collector’s Boosters. Booster boxes will feature a Buy-A-Box Promo Card and a Collector’s Booster, while supplies last. First come, first serve. 

    Each booster contains:

    • 1 rare/mythic rare
    • 3 uncommons
    • 10 commons
    • 1 land
    • 1 ad card/token card

    Throne of Eldraine Bundles

    Each bundle includes: 

    • 10 Booster packs
    • 20 foil basic lands
    • 20 regular basic lands
    • 1 bundle promo card
    • 1 oversized spindown
    • Storage box

    Throne of Eldraine Collector’s Booster Box

    Features 12 Collector’s Boosters. 

    Each booster contains:
    • 1 rare/mythic rare with extended art
    • 1 foil rare/mythic rare
    • 9 foil commons/uncommons
    • 3 special-frame cards (showcase or borderless planeswalkers)
    • 1 ancillary card
    • 1 foil token

    Other Throne of Eldraine Products

    Keep an eye out for these other Throne Eldraine products hitting our shelves at the end of September!


    Throne of Eldraine Theme Booster 


    Each themed booster will include 35 cards in one color theme. These 35 cards include: 

    • 1.1 rares/mythic rares*
    • 33–34 commons/uncommons
    • 1 reference card

    *One out of ten will have two rares


    Throne of Eldraine Planeswalker Decks

    Throne of Eldraine will feature two new Planeswalker Decks. Each deck features a fully playable 60-card deck.

    These decks include: 

    • 1 copy of a mythic rare (the planeswalker the deck is built around)
    • 2 copies of the same rare (a card with an effect that also tutors specifically for the planeswalker card in this product)
    • 3 copies of the same uncommon (usually a card synergistic with the planeswalker in the deck)
    • 4 copies of the same common (a basic effect to make the deck work)


    Throne of Eldraine Brawl Decks

    Perfect for those who enjoy the brawl format, these 60-card decks include:

    • 60-card deck
    • 7 new, mechanically unique cards per deck
    • Life wheel

    Written by Johnni Medina

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