Something Is Wrong With The Chickens

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Bryson Foods, Inc has taken everything from us.

It's time to fight them.

We are Chickens.

We are Eldritch Horrors.

Make. Bryson. Pay.

Something Is Wrong With The Chickens is a one-page, rules-lite TTRPG of Chickens, Eldritch Horror, and Revenge for 2+ players, including 1 Chicken Master (CM). Inspired by one-page RPGs, in particular, Honey Heist by Grant Howitt, the random tables in this game will have you playing in minutes.


  • Quick and easy character creation
  • 6 Chicken Types - From Chicken to Turkey to the enigmatic Nugget.
  • 6 Eldritch Traits - Powers gifted from The Other. Which will we start with? How many will manifest in us?
  • An original 3d6 system where success comes from the combination of our Chicken and Eldritch natures.

System: Custom, 3d6
Mechanic: Chicken Master (CM) & d6 Dice
Number of Players: 2+
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Tone: Silly, Dark
Themes: Eldritch Horros, Unknowable Truths
Designer: Elliot Davis