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Twenty Sided Community on Discord

Join the Discord for weekly announcements and updates.

Events Calendar

Check out the Twenty Sided Calendar for special events, product releases, and holiday hours.

Adult Events 

Public events at Twenty Sided Store are designed for adults (primarily 21 and over). Our events are attended by adults looking to expand their social circle and meet like minded people who share their passion for the hobby.

Events that are specifically listed as ADULT are not appropriate for participants under 18 years of age to attend. 

Private Events

Book a Private Event at Twenty Sided Store for an exclusive after hours experience. 

Spelunkers (20sided Kids & Teens)

Any of our Private Events can host teens ages 13 and older. For events catered towards ages 8+, please send an email for pricing and details.

Covid Safety

For the safety of our staff and customers, we may ask that all participants wear a mask while playing games indoors.

We are monitoring the NYC Alert Level regularly and will make adjustments to our policies accordingly. Regular updates on NYC Covid Alert Level can be found on the NYC Guidelines and Updates for Covid Safety website.

Event Cancellations

Should an event get cancelled due to weather conditions (for outdoor events) or for Covid Safety reasons, we will send you an email notification and issue a refund in the form of a Twenty Sided Gift Card.

August 2022 Update

We are rebuilding our events and workshops to be flexible and adaptable, creating experiences that can easily cater to your preferred environment. 

We are also strengthening our partnerships with local businesses and organizations to provide many more opportunities for the Twenty Sided Community to connect with even more positivity and inclusivity.

Stay Tuned for more details on Twenty Sided Private Events, Premier Experiences, Workshops, and Retreats.