Workshop | Adventure Writing w/ Lauren Bilanko

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Workshop | Adventure Writing 

w/ Lauren Bilanko

Virtual Event, 2 hours


Interactive Storytelling is one of the most unique writing structure forms to date. When we create an interactive adventure we ask our audience to participate, and collaborate in the story process, improvising details that will generate a custom experience.

In this course you will learn how to create interactive story structures for narrative adventures. We will explore how interactive narratives, most commonly found in adventure games, differ from traditional story structures used in novels or movie scripts. We will discuss techniques on writing your own adventures and organizing adventures into campaigns. 

Private Adventure Writing Workshop 

1 session $89.99

3 sessions $239.99

In a private workshop we will start where you are and work towards where you want to be.

Topics covered: storyboarding, content organization, decision points and branching plot twists, campaign structure, episodic and session structures. 

Adventure Writing Seminar - Unlock Now! Single Ticket

1 session $19.99

Contact us and to unlock single ticket registration for this event. Registration will be open to the public to join. To unlock a requested date and time, please contact us 2 weeks prior (all dates and times are subject to availability). Four confirmed participants are needed to unlock. Join the Twenty Sided Server on Discord to gather a group.

What You’ll Need

  • An email account to log into a Google Meet or Zoom video call

  • A computer and headphones

  • Something to take notes with