Workshop | Character Improv w/ Johnni Medina

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Character Improv

w/ Johnni Medina

Workshop, 2 hours, up to 10 participants


This is a hands-on workshop aimed at opening up your creativity and stepping into the mind and body of different characters. You will experiment with different physicalities and voice inspirations through a series of guided sequences. Character Improv is the perfect primer for diving deep into improvised character development.

Character Improv Workshop (Unlock Now!) - Single Ticket

1 session $19.99

4 sessions $69.99

In this workshop Johnni covers the basic concepts of improv and how it can be utilized in roleplaying. Contact us and to unlock single ticket registration for this event. Registration will be open to the public to join. Please contact us 2 weeks in advance (all dates and times are subject to availability). Four confirmed participants are needed to unlock. Join the Twenty Sided Server on Discord to gather a group.

Private Character Improv Workshop

1 session $109.99

3 sessions $299.99

Gather your group! Sign up for one or all three sessions. Every session focuses on different games providing a range of techniques and styles. Every session has been created with the intent of teaching the skills needed for ongoing practice.

What You’ll Need

  • An email account to log into a Google Meet or Zoom video call
  • A computer, phone or tablet mounted for viewing
  • Something to take notes with
  • Comfortable clothing and some space to move around – get ready to make silly sounds.