D&D 5e Twenty Sided Adventures | Campaign (4 weeks) - Thursdays @ 7p

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Beginners Welcome!

Adult (18+)

D&D 5e | Twenty Sided Adventures

Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling experience. Twenty Sided brings people together to experience adventures and tell stories full of endless possibilities and amazing surprises.

Each Adventure is set in the World of Mira, a custom created universe written by Lauren Bilanko and the Twenty Sided Team. 

Suggested Materials: Set of Dice & a Mini to represent your character.


Blackbottom 3 The Prophecy 

THU 2/26, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27 (4 sessions)

Season one of Twenty Sided Adventures continues in Blackbottom, chapter 3, the Prophecy.

Character Level 1-4

Blackbottom Side Quest Campaign Interlude

THU 3/5 (1 session)

Character Creation is part of this event.

Beginner Friendly!

No experience necessary, learn as you play. 

Character Level 0-4

Blackbottom 4 Vanished 

THU 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2 (4 sessions)

Season one of Twenty Sided Adventures continues in Blackbottom, chapter 4, Vanished.

Character level Level 3-6


Character Creation

Check out our 5e Character Creation Guide for creating your own character or build a character with us at one of our Learn to Play or Blackbottom Side Quest Adventures. 

If you have played in any Blackbottom Adventures you may bring a character of a higher level (up to level cap) based on the following number of sessions played.

Twenty Sided Milestone Level Progression

Level 1 = Played 1 Session at Level 0

Level 2 = Played 1 Session at Level 1

Level 3 = Played 2 Sessions at Level 2

Level 4 = Played 3 Sessions at Level 3

Level 5 = Played 4 Sessions at Level 4


About the Guides
Lauren Bilanko, owner of Twenty SIded Store, also known as Master Dungeon Master has been playing D&D for 20 years. She has been developing the World of Mira for Twenty Sided Store since January 2019 and is extremely excited to guide adventurers to discover the City of Blackbottom.

Johnni Medina, has been working for Twenty Sided for over 2 years and is part of the writing team. She has a background in improv and gives out inspiration like it is going out of style.