Roleplaying | D&D Mira BaseQuest w/ Lauren Bilanko

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Event: inPerson
Age: Adult
Level: Beginner, Casual
Experience: Social
Runtime: 3 hours

World of Mira

Mira is a science fantasy world created by Lauren Bilanko exclusively for Twenty Sided Adventures. Clearwater Peak is a small resort town at the base of a mountain peak just south of the city of Canavar. It is surrounded by the Wolfbane Woods to the South and the Menansu Mountain range to the West. You are from Blackbottom, a large metropolitan city on the east coast of Lumaeri. Blackbottom is one of five city states in the Wolfbane region and is run by an oligarchy of wealthy people and powerful organizations.

Clearwater Peak

The last time you spoke to your friends Sam and Max, they mentioned a newspaper clipping they found when cleaning out their Grandparents’ lake house. The article reported a stolen artifact that went missing from Blackbottom’s World Fair of Incredible Inventions a century ago. Folded within the newspaper was an old marked up trail map of Clearwater Peak that resembled a treasure map.

It has been years since you have been back to Clearwater, but when you arrive, Sam and max are nowhere to be found. You are sure they went ahead, without you, after the artifact.

Rules: D&D 5e Rules + Hacks
Character Creation is part of the event
Number of Players: 8
Genre: Action Adventure
Tone: Light-hearted
Themes: Investigation, Mystery, The Occult

About the Guide

Lauren Bilanko has been guiding roleplaying and interactive experiences professionally for over a decade. She created the World of Mira exclusively for experiences at Twenty Sided. Check out her latest interview with BardQuest Empire Podcast.