Roleplaying | D&D Adventures in Blackbottom w/ Lauren Bilanko

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Adventures in Mira

Mira is a science fantasy world in the Mystic Aether universe created by Lauren Bilanko exclusively for Twenty Sided Adventures. You are from Blackbottom, a large metropolitan city on the east coast of Lumaeri. Blackbottom is one of five city states in the Wolfbane region and is run by an oligarchy of wealthy people and powerful organizations.

BaseQuest | Trouble in Dock City

A private investigator has hired you to look into some strange occurrences happening on Dock City. The Coppers have closed the case on the missing university students. The papers have stated that these recent incidents are unrelated and nothing to worry about... but something strange is going on. The fog seems a bit heavier, people are scared to go out at night, and local businesses are suffering.

If you like X-Files and Big Trouble in Little China, this adventure is for you!

Age: Adult
Rules: D&D 5e Rules + Hacks
Character Creation is part of the event
Number of Players: 6
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Tone: Light-hearted
Themes: Investigation, Mystery, The Occult

About the Guide

Lauren Bilanko has been guiding roleplaying and interactive experiences professionally for over a decade. She created the World of Mira exclusively for experiences at Twenty Sided. Check out her latest interview with BardQuest Empire Podcast.