MTG Prerelease 2HG | War of the Spark - SUN 4/28/19 @ 1:30p
MTG Prerelease 2HG | War of the Spark - SUN 4/28/19 @ 1:30p

MTG Prerelease 2HG | War of the Spark - SUN 4/28/19 @ 1:30p

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All Ages (14+)

MTG Prerelease | Two Headed Giant Sealed

Prerelease events are a great opportunity to check out the new set of Magic: The Gathering cards before they officially release. Our events are super friendly and specialized Game Masters will be ready to answer any questions along the way.

In Two Headed Giant Sealed you and a friend play together as one team! Your team takes actions as a team rather than individually. So you both can play a land together, attack and block together.

Each Participant will get a prerelease pack that includes 6 booster packs, plus other promos and swag. Teams will open all 12 packs, and build two 40-card decks, and then get paired up for 3 rounds of a swiss style tournament. Each round is 1 game, 50 minutes.


  • Build two decks out of 12 packs and promo cards

  • Decks are at least 40 cards

  • Decks usually have 23 non-land cards and 17 lands

  • Each deck usually has about 15 creatures

  • Your team plays three total rounds

  • Each round is just one game

Special Two Headed Giant Rules

  • Your team has a shared life total that starts at 30

  • Your team takes the turn together, meaning you draw as a team, attack as a team, block as a team, and go through all phases of the turn as a team.

  • Your team does not share anything other than life. You don't share cards in hand or mana.

  • You can share information and strategize together.

  • Effects that read "each opponent" or "each player" affect each team member separately. For example, if a card said, "each opponent loses 2 life" the other team would lose 4 total life instead of 2.

Prize Payout (per team)

3-0: 10 packs

2-1: 6 packs

1-2 or 0-3: 2 packs