Roleplaying | Moonlight on Roseville Beach w/ Richard Ruane

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Adventures on Rose Island!

It's early summer in 1979, and you and your housemates have already had a few spooky encounters in the queer little town of Roseville Beach. But now you've got a weekend off, there's a rumor about who's playing the Cabana on Saturday night, and surely no strange monoliths, shark people, secretive evil sorcerers, or real estate developers are going to stop you all from having a good time. That won't happen, right?

Age: Adult
System / Setting: Moonlight on Roseville Beach
Rules: Rules as Guidelines
Character Creation is part of the event
Number of Players: 5
Genre: Horror
Tone: Light-hearted
Themes: Roleplay Encounters, Exploration / Investigation
Content Warning: Violence, mature content, romance.

About the Guide

Richard Ruane (he/him) is the creator of Moonlight on Roseville Beach, Enoch's Wake: A Player's Guide to the Infinite Void, and Freebooting Rogues of the Infinite Void. He was nominated for the IGDN Groundbreaker Award for Best Setting for Barrow Keep: Den of Spies in 2021 and Dark Designs in Verdigris in 2020.

Twitter: @rrookstudio