Seminar | Learn to Dungeon Master - SAT 4/13/19 @ 6p

Seminar | Learn to Dungeon Master - SAT 4/13/19 @ 6p

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Level: Beginners Welcome!

Adult (18+)

D&D 5e Seminar | Learn to Dungeon Master

Master Dungeon Master - TBD

No Dungeon Master experience necessary.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of what a roleplaying game is and a basic understanding of how to play is required.

Dungeons & Dragons is a shared storytelling experience inspiring imagination and creativity. This course will cover the basics of how to Dungeon Master your own Dungeons & Dragons game.


Richard will guide you through the basics of preparing for a session, making adjustments on the fly, and how to run a great game for a group of adventurers. Everything from preparing one shot to running an ongoing campaign will be covered in this course. Whether you are interested in becoming a member of Twenty Sided Team DM or just want to learn some handy tips and tricks for your home game, this is the course for you.


Go behind the screen as we share secrets and skills from Master Dungeon Master, Lauren Bilanko. Lauren has the pleasure of working with the best DMs in NYC and sharing that experience and knowledge with others. She has written blog articles on running large scale D&D events for the D&D Adventurers League and was invited by Chris Perkins to talk on a panel at PAX East giving D&D advice to players and DMs.

Richard Ruane is a elearning consultant and game designer in Brooklyn, NY. He was a writer and editor for the original White Wolf Game Studio, and he’s recently published the game “Dark Designs in Verdigris” and the adventures “The Wreck of the Void Hatred” and “A Murder in Port Tam” the zine Codex. He’s GMd games at Twenty Sided Store, Gauntlet Hangouts, Pax East, Pax Unplugged, and other conventions. His Dungeon World game “The Tower of Dr. Kranis” was a GenCon Spotlight event in 2017. Follow on Twitter: @Arr_Roo