D&D Adventures in Mira

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Transfers, cancellations, or any other changes must be made 48 hours prior to event to receive a credit for a future event. Refunds will not be provided.

3 hour sessions, up to 7 participants

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures in Mira

Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling experience. Twenty Sided brings people together inspiring creativity in a world where anything is possible! Join us for an epic adventure set in the World of Mira. 

Explore the World of Mira 

Explore the world of Mira! Mira is a science fantasy world created by Lauren Bilanko.

D&D Adventures in Mira


1 session $109.99 per party

This adventure is perfect for adventurers looking to have a good time without getting bogged down by a bunch of rules. Character creation is simplified. Creative Storytelling is encouraged. The BaseQuest is a stand alone one-shot that can be combined with our other Quests for a more in depth experience.


1 session $159.99 per party

This event is perfect for adventurers who want the full D&D 5e experience and are looking for a place to get started. This session will focus on character creation and party development integrated with roleplay and encounters.

After this session, you may level up your character and continue the adventure in one of our SideQuests or Campaigns.


4 sessions $399.99 per party

This event is perfect for adventurers looking for a D&D 5e Campaign set in the world of Mira. If you start with the Campaign, the Character Quest will be included as your first session. Campaigns are booked in 4 session blocks. Additional Campaigns can be booked for longer adventures and picking up the story right where you left off. 


1 session $159.99 per party

SideQuests may be added on at any time during a Campaign or following a Character Quest or BaseQuest. SideQuests are perfect for adventurers with busy lives and unpredictable schedules. 

What You’ll Need 

  • A computer (virtual experience only)
  • Something to take notes with and draw (a sketchbook or several sheets of paper, a pencil, and an eraser) 
  • 7-set of dice (not required)